What Is Gramho? 10 Best Gramo Alternatives

Gramho is a phenomenal tool that can examine and evaluate profiles on social media networks besides Instagram. It facilitates access to and examination of Instagram’s public profile information. Using the Gramho Viewer Online Instagram Analyzer, you may access the whole profile information of businesses, celebrities, journals, and other notable persons. It’s current name is is a free service that allows you to easily browse the Instagram profiles of your followers and discover the types of posts they prefer, as well as their most influential followers. Also, the service allows users to look for their most influential followers. Gramho also includes an Instagram analytics tool that allows users to input a list of Instagram usernames and receive a breakdown of the interactions, impressions, and post metadata related with each Instagram user’s content.

Gramir’s algorithm allows you to view the statistics of your own Instagram account or that of another user. Also, you may examine the account rate, which indicates the popularity of your Instagram account.

About Gramho Instagram Analyzer

Gramhir is a monitoring and analysis tool for Instagram accounts. With our technology, you are able to perform statistical analysis on Instagram accounts belonging to you or other individuals. Also, you may examine the account rate, which displays the popularity of your Instagram account. Also, you can secretly explore and monitor the content of other Instagram accounts as well as your own.

With statistics, you can analyse Instagram profiles, hashtags, posts, followers, stories, locations, and a great deal more. You can secretly download Instagram photos, videos, and stories without cost and an infinite number of times. Enjoy Gramho, and don’t forget to share content with your friends on social networks.

How to Analyze Instagram Data Using Gramho

  • Use any web browser to access the Gramhir website.
  • Just type in an Instagram user’s handle or a hashtag to be taken directly to their profile.
  • As soon as you have the answer, head over to the profile.
  • The information will be displayed on the page’s top.
  • It would be best if you clicked the link.
  • If you want to keep those videos and photographs, click the Download option.
  • To view your Instagram stories on the gramhir, tap the blue arrow button.

Gramho Alternatives


Below is a list of alternatives to Gramho.


Inflact is the most wonderful replacement alternative for Gramhir. It provides access to a substantially more extensive array of information and facts than Gramhir.

First and foremost, enter your username. You will initially be given with basic account information, including the amount of posts, followers, and usual user activity.

The average user activity is a metric that can help you determine a profile’s true popularity and the level of genuine engagement it receives. If a profile has a low user activity rate, the profile owner may have purchased many fake followers.

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Path Social

10 Best Gramhir (Formerly Gramho) Alternatives 2023 - Rigorous Themes

Using the free Instagram analysis tool provided by Path Social, you may research any Instagram account. It comprises not only the typical information that Gramhir provides, such as a user’s number of followers and uploads, but also additional insights that Gramhir does not supply.

Path Social even gives a graph that depicts the quantity of daily, weekly, and monthly posts published by the account.

In addition, Path Social offers more tools than Gramhir, making it a more adaptable platform. Instagram Viewer allows you to view profiles without disclosing your name, and its Fonts Generator provides access to over a hundred font styles.


10 Best Gramhir (Formerly Gramho) Alternatives 2023 - Rigorous Themes

Bigbanggram offers its customers a free Instagram analyzer that can be used to explore and evaluate Instagram profiles. You will be able to view the average number of daily and weekly posts made by the account, as well as graphs depicting how this number has fluctuated throughout the account’s history.

You will also be able to see the times of day and days of the week when the most entries are published. Following that, it will list the Instagram account’s most commonly used hashtags, caption terms, and hobbies.

With this tool, you can also determine which posts have garnered the most comments and the most likes (based on the last 100 posts).

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This website provides access to Sweetagram, an Instagram analysis tool that is a fantastic alternative to Gramhir. It also has the top animal profiles, the majority of which are domesticated pets such as dogs and cats. If you want to create a successful Instagram account for your dog, cat, ferret, lizard, or any other animal, it is helpful to examine the practises of the most popular animal profiles. You can locate these accounts by searching “top animal profiles” on Instagram.

The same guidelines apply whether you want to construct a personal brand as a comedian or create an Instagram account for your child. Alternatively, you can enter the details of a specific profile you wish to monitor. You will be able to examine their most popular hashtags, as well as their most recent posts and captions.


Toolzu is an additional fantastic alternative to Gramhir to consider. Toolzu, which provides more than 10 different metrics, provides better insights into a user’s profile than Gramhir, which does not provide a substantial quantity of new information compared to Instagram alone.

Toolzu gives additional helpful tools that might assist you in growing your Instagram following. For example, the hashtag generator is an excellent tool for discovering high-quality hashtags to use for targeting.


You may audit your account with the integrated Fake Follower Checker in inBeat. But, similar to Gramhir, it also provides information such as the total number of followers, the average number of likes, and the ratio of comments to preferences, among other information.

This tool analyses the profile’s followers and estimates the proportion of authentic to fake followers among those followers. Approximately 44 percent of Kim Kardashian’s followers are authentic, while the remainder 187.7 million are affiliated with inactive accounts.

Social Monitor

Gramhir’s Instagram profile analyzer is substantially less sophisticated than the one provided by Social Monitor. You will be needed to sign up and create an account, but once you do, you will receive a number of complimentary credits. You may keep track of profiles and receive monthly automated reports through email.

The comparison analysis tool is an additional useful feature provided by Social Monitor that Gramhir and the vast majority of other apps should incorporate. Although it has fewer metrics than the typical analysis tool, it allows you to compare two profiles side by side.


Analisa Review | Pricing & Features (2023) - Influencer Marketing Software


Analisa is a free Instagram analysis application that delivers more detailed information than Gramhir. You can view the subsequent data.

  • Engagement rate
  • Like rate
  • Comment rate
  • Average total engagement per post
  • Average likes per post
  • Average comments per post

If you are willing to pay extra, Analisa can also give you with further information. You can also generate reports using a hashtag. As long as you create an account, there are no fees associated with exporting any report to PDF format.

Not only Analysis

The free analysis tool supplied by Not Just Analytics is intended to aid you in establishing your followers’ true influence. Unlike Gramhir, it allows you to export your report to a PDF file and includes a substantial quantity of additional information.

You can analyse not only the average number of followers, likes, and comments, but also the average number of video views.

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Instagram Insights

Finally, we now have access to Instagram’s native metrics. There is no need to visit a third-party website like Gramhir in order to obtain these analytics, as they are all contained within the app.

But, it is solely accessible for your profile, therefore you cannot use it to research other companies in the industry. Moreover, a business account is required in order to access Instagram analytics. Personal Instagram accounts do not qualify.

You will be relieved to learn that the Instagram app enables switching to a business account straightforward and free. Simply navigate to your settings, pick “Account,” scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the “Switch to professional account” option to switch to the professional version.


Q. What is Gramhir App?

A. It is a Social Media Profile Analyzer like for Stats, Profiles, Likes, followers etc.

Q. Is Gramhir Anonymous?

A. Yes, Gramhir works anonymously.

Q. how Does Gramhir Work?

A. Gramhir is a free website that facilitates access to and viewing of Instagram’s public profile information. Using the Gramho Viewer Online Instagram Analyzer, you may learn everything about the forms of businesses, celebrities, periodicals, and other prominent individuals and groups.

Q. Can You Use Instagram without An Account?

A. To access Instagram without logging in, simply type the Instagram website’s URL followed by the username of the account you wish to access into your web browser. This presupposes that you already know the user name of the individual whose profile you wish to view. Their Instagram page, which was just brought to your attention, is now accessible.


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