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How to Use an HDMI Splitter to Set Up Dual Monitors in 2023

When you have a lot of work, it can be hard to change everything on a small screen. Many of us use a dual monitor setup at home and at work to do this.

And there is no other way to work with multiple TVs than with an HDMI splitter.

Even so, we often get an HDMI splitter and an HDMI adapter mixed up. Because of this, the device can’t do what we want it to do.

Again, setting up two TVs with an HDMI splitter is hard for many of us. And getting a professional to help set it up is not a cheap choice. But don’t be afraid! We can get out of this easily.

In this part, we’ll show you how to use an HDMI splitter to set up two monitors.

Also, we’ll try to give you a clear picture of the different HDMI products. So, you will be able to buy the HDMI splitter and set it up on your own.

What is HDMI Splitter?

What is HDMI Splitter

An HDMI Splitter’s main job is to take HDMI video from one device and split it between two screens. This breaking can be heard and seen at the same time. And users can then send certain clips to different computers.

People most often get HDMI Splitter and HDMI Adapter mixed up, though. In the next part, we’ll talk about different devices that have something to do with HDMI. Don’t forget to look at the reviews of the 4 Monitor Graphics Card.

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Typology of HDMI Device

This part is mostly about showing how different HDMI devices are. So, you can choose a gadget that works for you.

HDMI Adapter

The HDMI converter copies the picture and makes it bigger. This device lets the picture get bigger on more than one screen. Not all devices are able to do that.

On opposite sides of the adapter are HDMI input ports and USB-C (or USB) connections. Users can run two TVs at the same time thanks to the input ports. The USB cable can be bought at any hardware shop or online. Check out the most important Review for Sony A7iii External Monitor.

HDMI Splitter

The only thing an HDMI Splitter can do is copy pictures. Let’s say you have two TVs at home and want to watch the same thing on both of them. When this happens, you’ll need an HDMI Splitter.

Users often don’t know the difference between an HDMI Splitter and an HDMI Adapter. They end up getting a splitter for a dual-screen only to find out it’s not the one. So, think carefully about what you need before you spend money on a gadget.

Switch HDMI

With an HDMI Switch, you can connect more than one device to a single port. This device comes in handy when your TV doesn’t have enough ports.

Even though a switch is like an HDMI extension in some ways, it lets you switch between devices on the fly.

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Why should I Use an HDMI Splitter?

Why should I Use an HDMI Splitter?

As was already said, HDMI splitters can split a single device into two. You can also choose how much goes to each channel.

Before you buy an HDMI Splitter, you should make sure that it can send the data that each device needs. Don’t forget to look at the size, color depth, and refresh rate as well.

When you buy anything with an HDMI port, you should also buy a good USB connection. That will make sure that the clarity on the screen is better.

Without enough info, the quality of the signal will go down. And in the end, you will come up with a bad answer.

How to Setup Dual Monitors With HDMI Splitter

Setup Dual Monitors With HDMI Splitter

Before you start setting up dual monitors with an HDMI splitter, there are a few things you need to get. Let’s get them!

  • An HDMI-compliant output source device
  • HDMI splitter with enough output sources to accommodate your needs
  • HDMI cable (you could also use hardware/adapters and an alternative type of data transfer wire)
  • HDMI-compliant displays (Two monitors or laptops)

Still and all, you might need a few tools here and there. We will mention them in the upcoming sections.

Setting Up the Display

You can combine the two devices now that you have two panels as your split devices. One of the most important choices is to make the display bigger on both screens.

First, turn off the screen on your laptop. Now, you can connect to TVs with an HDMI adapter. Then, fix the settings by going to your monitor’s display settings.

Now is the time to turn on the PC and go to the search bar. You can also press the power button to put it to sleep.

After that, you can change the settings for the screen using the other power settings. Now is the time to change the screens that are already there.

As soon as you connect the two monitors, you’ll see a default choice. You can make a copy of both screens with this choice. The laptop will instantly copy what was on the other screen. If the choices don’t show up by themselves, check the connections and make any necessary changes.

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Is it Illegal to Split an HDMI Signal?

That depends on the kind of material you send and receive through your splitter. If you want to illegally copy and share material, it is against the law to use HDMI signals.

But making copies of legal papers and recording yourself while playing video games won’t be on this list. That is, using fair papers will not cause legal problems for your HDMI splitter.

Final Words

The most important thing to do is still figure out what you want to watch and buy a good cable. You will be halfway through the process when you check your needs against each other. With a cable that works with both screens, you can get the quality you want on both.

We’ve talked about everything we wanted to talk about today. We suggest using legal content for safe data transmission. And your HDMI Splitter is ready to go.

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