how to fix keyboard lag in windows 10

7 Best Ways to Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10

The majority of our days are spent pounding the keyboard. This is very true for writers, developers, translators, and other professionals whose principal occupation entails typing. Given that the keyboard is one of the most essential computer components, keyboard lag on Windows computers could be disastrous.

It appears like you are typing quite quickly, but the text is not being displayed in real time. Occasionally, there is a lag or delay of a fraction of a second or longer. This can interrupt your line of thinking and cause unwelcome irritation. Determine what can be done about it.

1. Reboot and Reconnect

Typing on an external keyboard? After saving your work and reconnecting the keyboard once, I would recommend performing a quick restart. Once, this basic trick worked for me. Will not require more than a few seconds. The same recommendation applies to users of wireless keyboards. I would also recommend checking the batteries.

2. Different Keyboard

If you have a spare keyboard laying around, use it to ensure there is nothing wrong with the one you are using. You can also use the keyboard on a different computer to see whether the issue is software- or hardware-related.

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3. Turn Off Filter Keys

Step 1: Search for Filter keys in the Start menu or Settings and open it.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 9

Step 2: Toggle off Filter keys.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 10

4. Character Repeat Rate

Some users found success after maxing out the character repeat rate. Here’s how to do that.

Step 1: Press Windows key+R shortcut to open Run dialog box and type control keyboard before hitting Enter.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 12

Step 2: Set the Repeat rate bar to the max and save settings.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 13

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5. Troubleshooter

Windows 10 comes with a built-in troubleshooter that can help with a number of common errors and bugs.

Step 1: Press Windows key+I shortcut to open Settings and search for ‘Find and fix keyboard problems’.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 1

Step 2: Select Apply repairs automatically in the pop-up that follows and click on Next. You will then simply follow on-screen instructions after that.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 2

Microsoft has removed a previous option for ‘hardware and devices’ from the menu for troubleshooting. It remains accessible via the Command Prompt.

Step 1: Search for and open the Command Prompt from the Start menu with admin rights by clicking Run as administrator.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 3

Step 2: Give the below command after which you will view a pop-up similar to the one we saw above.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 4

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions and check if you still notice keyboard lag on your Windows 10 computer.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 5

6. Check Drivers

There are three things to investigate. Try reverting the drivers to a previous version, updating them to the most recent version, and then reinstalling them. We have already developed a comprehensive guide on Windows drivers for you.

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7. New User Profile

Creating a new Windows user profile may be of assistance. If you have a different profile, switch to it from the Start menu to see if the computer’s keyboard is still laggy. You can also rapidly generate a new one.

Step 1: Press Windows key+I to open Settings again and go to Accounts > Family & other users. Click on ‘Add someone else to this PC’ option.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 6

Step 2: Click on ‘I don’t have this person’s sign-in information’.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 7

Step 3: Click on ‘Add a user without a Microsoft account’ and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Fix Keyboard Lag on Windows 10 8

You just created a guest account. It is easy to turn a guest account into an admin account later. Check if you continue to face lags while typing with the keyboard.


The keyboard is one of the most essential items you possess. The majority of us don’t even notice it or recognise its significance until it stops working. That’s when we realise just how dependent we are on it. There is also the option of using the on-screen keyboard, but it is incredibly slow and should only be used in an emergency. Additionally, this option is only applicable to touch-screen devices such as tablets and laptops.


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