how to fix recent apps button in android

How To Fix Android Recent Apps Button Not Working (2023)

Recent Apps Button Not Working is a recent issue that Android users have encountered, and we’re here to assist you in determining why and how to resolve the issue. So take a peek!

Recent Apps Button Not Working

We commonly utilise the recent applications button on our Android device to switch between applications, terminate the processes of other programmes to prevent them from being cached, etc. Yet, what if the Recent Apps button on your Android device is not functioning? This problem affects numerous Android users, notably those with smartphones running Android 10 and 11. In this post, we will examine some approaches for addressing the issue.

Why Is My Recent Apps Button Not Working?

Start by restarting your smartphone and navigating to Settings > Apps > Default apps, where you may set the system launcher as the default Home app (launcher). Deactivate any third-party apps that also employ navigation gestures. If it doesn’t work, try clearing the cache partition, switching navigation modes, or resetting your Android to factory settings. Instead of capacitive hardware buttons, these alternatives emphasize on-screen buttons. If the hardware Recent Apps button on your smartphone is not functioning, skip to the final step and restore factory settings.

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How To Fix the Android Recent Apps Button Not Working?

Problems with navigation gestures or traditional on-screen buttons are one of the simplest ways to degrade the user experience. Some Android users who prefer buttons to full-screen gestures are unable to utilise the Recent Applications button. The issue seems to manifest most frequently after a significant system update. If you are experiencing issues with on-screen buttons, please refer to the instructions below.

  • Restart your Android
  • Check Navigation settings
  • Wipe cache partition
  • Keep An Eye On The Update
  • Reset your device to factory settings

How To Fix Recent Apps Button Not Working?

Step 1: Restart Your Android

Restarting should always be the initial step in troubleshooting, regardless of the nature of the problem. Thus, restart your smartphone and check to see if the Recents button has been restored. If the problem remains, verify if Buttons are enabled or disabled under the navigation options. There may be a temporary system error, and disabling and re-enabling on-screen buttons in the Navigation settings may resolve the issue.

Step 2: Check Navigation Settings

The second choice is to cycle through several navigation options. This method was successful for a number of users, however it only pertains to the most recent versions of Android. To modify your navigation settings, navigate to Settings > System > Gestures. Depending on your Android skin, the exact path may vary. Here’s how to check the navigation settings on your Android:

  • Open Settings
  • Select System
  • Tap Gestures
  • Select Gestures, then Buttons once more.
  • Check to see if the Recents button is working.

Continue with the troubleshooting methods below if the issue continues.

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Step 3: Wipe Cache Partition

Several App-Related Issues Can Be Remedied by Erasing Locally Saved Data. This Applies to System Issues and The Deletion of The System Cache Partition. the Cache Partition Is Part of The Local Storage and Cannot Be Accessed Through the System User Interface. to Delete the Cache Partition, Access the System’s Recovery Menu.

Here’s how to erase your Android cache partition:

  • Turn your device off.
  • Hold the Power button and the Volume Up button together until the welcome screen appears. Release the Power button while holding the Volume Up button.
  • Use the Volume buttons to navigate to the Wipe Cache Partition option once you’ve entered Recovery mode. To confirm your choice, press the Power button.
  • Reset the phone to default settings.

Step 4: Keep an Eye on The Update

Following the Introduction of A Peculiar Bug in Android 11, Certain Phones Began Experiencing the “android Recent Apps Button Not Working” Issue. Clearly Within Google’s Reach, a Fix for The Vulnerability Might Be Delivered Soon. if You Are Using an Older Version, Check to See if There Is a Pending Update that Has Not yet Been Installed. the Procedure Is as Follows:

  • Open the Settings menu (cog icon)
  • Select Update Software
  • Select “Download and Install” from the drop-down menu
  • Select Download.

Step 5: Reset Your Device to Factory Settings

Clearly, the Factory Reset Is the Only Effective Solution in The Great Majority of Instances. It Is Even Advised if You Switch to A Newer Android Version. You Will Avoid Many of The Transitional Issues that Plague Many Android Users Who Opt for A Soft Update.

  • First, make a backup of everything.
  • Change the settings.
  • Choose between System and General Management.
  • Choose Reset options (Reset).
  • Erase everything (factory data reset).
  • Erase all or Reset are the options.
  • Your device will reboot, format everything, and boot to the setup screen (it might take a few minutes).

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Android’s Recent Applications Button Is an Essential Function, and If It Stops Working for Whatever Reason, Things Can Rapidly Get Problematic. We Hope the Aforementioned Solutions Were Effective in Fixing Your Issue.


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