how to see liked posts on instagram

How to See Liked Posts on Instagram?

Knowing what other Instagram users like and don’t like can be helpful and enlightening in many ways. If you learn about what’s popular, it can affect what you do and what you’re interested in. There used to be a feed on Instagram where you could see what your friends liked and what they said about it.

But this was taken away and replaced with the “Activity” tab, where you can only see what other people do and say about your posts. So, how do you see things that have been liked on Instagram now?

How to See Your Liked Posts on Instagram

You can look at the last 300 posts you liked on Instagram. These are posts you have liked by double-tapping or pressing the heart button.

Go to your Instagram page and press the Menu () button in the top right to see the posts you’ve liked in the past. Tap Your action on the next menu that comes up.

your activity location in instagram

Within Your activity, tap Interactions Likes. In Likes, you will be able to see your liked posts.

finding your like historyfinding your like history

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How to See Someone Else’s Liked Posts on Instagram

You can’t see all of the likes someone else has given on Instagram. In the Activity tab (the heart-shaped button) on the home screen, you can see when your friends share and interact with your posts. But you won’t be told when they like someone else’s post.

find like history on a photo

If you want to see what someone else has liked, you have to go to the post and check to see if that person has liked it. You can only tell if someone has liked a post by looking at what other people have done with it.


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