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How To Stream Netflix On Discord?‍


Do you know that you can use Discord to watch Netflix? The Discord app is a social platform that lets people chat, add games, video chat, and share what’s on their screens, like Netflix or games.

On Discord, you can stream good content and watch movies that are on Netflix.

So, you can get more out of Netflix streaming without spending money on a streaming box or other platforms; all you have to do is download the Discord app.

Let’s find out more about how to use Discord to stream Netflix.

But first, if one does stream Netflix on Discord, is it even fun?

In this guide, we show you how to stream Netflix on Discord so that you can have a better group watch party.


You can now stream Netflix on Discord by sharing your screen and letting other people join you to stream Netflix.

  • Click on the Discord screen icon and enable voice channel.
  • Now, open chrome and log in to your Netflix.
  • Finally, select the on-screen button and start sharing your screen.

Why Streaming Netflix on Discord Is Fun?

Netflix has a pretty pricey subscription fee, but you can stream movies, TV shows, and series.

So, a lot of people need more time to save up enough money to buy it or cancel their subscriptions.

Still, you shouldn’t let a certain price stop you from binge-watching your favorite TV show on Netflix. With Discord, you can still see how active your Netflix account is.

Also, the good news is that you can now share your Netflix screen on the Discord app.

  • Streaming Netflix on Discord is an affordable alternative.
  • No need to buy an expensive streaming box to start streaming Netflix.
  • Both mobile and desktop versions are outlined precisely to stream Netflix.
  • You can invite people to stream Netflix on discord without any fuzz.
  • You can enhance the Netflix Stream quality.
  • Your friends activity status is on.
  • It allows you to host a Netflix watch party. So, you don’t need to share a Netflix account.

Sounds fun, right? Let’s walk you through the process of streaming Netflix on the Discord app.

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How to stream Netflix On Discord?

Stream Netflix on discord poster

You can share your screen on Discord to watch Netflix. It works for both the Netflix app and the Netflix website.
Your friends can also join the stream and watch the content with you. So, here is a step-by-step guide to how you can easily stream Netflix on Discord.

You can now watch as much Netflix as you want on Discord. You can stop streaming Netflix through screen sharing by clicking the X. It will stop the content from streaming.

Streaming on Application or Browser Tab on Desktop:

  1. Open the discord app on a web browser or desktop application. Ensure that you are logged in to your Discord account.

Discord Login Page

  1. Discord users have to share their screens via voice or video calls or group chat. Typically, you need to enter your server’s voice channel.

See the highlighted text

  1. Launch a new tab in your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to visit Netflix in order to stream Netflix on Discord. Login into your Netflix app or account.

Netflix logged in home page on next tab

  1. On the home page, you will see Screen Button on the left sidebar; click on it and start with screen sharing.

Screen Share button

  1. Simultaneously, make sure that your Share Tab Audio is on.

The pop box of Screen Share

  1. A list of tabs will appear on the screen. You need to click on Netflix and then share the screen.

Netflix on the Chrome Tab option

  1. Finally, besides your username, there will appear Live status which means that your screen share is on. It also gives you a preview in a thumbnail that will help you know how your screen is displayed.

The image shows a Netflix screen of GodFather Hindi movie.

Voila! You have successfully hosted a Netflix watch party.

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How to Improve the Screen Share Experience?

You can make your Netflix party better by changing the streaming settings and the quality of the videos. It will make streaming Netflix more fun and interesting.

Discord Nitro is the paid version of the Discord service. If you have access to this version, you can stream Netflix on Discord in better quality than 720P. This choice will be in the horizontal menu with three dots at the top.

It also speeds up the frames per second. But make sure your Internet connection is strong enough to handle the launch of Discord Nitro.

Streaming on Discord Application or Browser Tab on Mobile:

When you select Netflix to stream on the Discord app on Mobile, there are a few updates.

  • So, before beginning the process to stream Netflix on Discord, install both Netflix and Discord apps on your Smartphones.
  • Open the Netflix app. You can also use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, but the app is preferred for convenience.
  • Leave the apps running and get back to Discord’s home page.
  • Click on Discord Server and then on Voice Channel.
  • You can see the camera icon in the voice channels. Click on it.
  • Furthermore, you can see the Arrow icon located beside the camera icon. Click on it

How to Improve the Screen Share Experience?

You can improve your Netflix party experience by improving the streaming settings and video quality. It will make Netflix Streaming more enjoyable and interactive.

Here are some options –

Adjusting voice channel

  • Launch voice channels in your Discord app.
  • Go to the channels settings.

Setting option in Voice Channels

  • Now, click on Region Override. As a result, your Netflix video and audio quality will become crystal clear.

Change Region Override

Discord Nitro is the paid version of the Discord service. If you have access to this version, you can stream Netflix on Discord in better quality than 720P. This choice will be in the horizontal menu with three dots at the top.

It also speeds up the frames per second. But make sure your Internet connection is strong enough to handle the launch of Discord Nitro.

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What Is Another Alternative to Hosting Netflix with Others Rather than Sharing Your Screen?

Today, the Safest Option Is to Host Netflix Videos on A Full Screen on Discord. It Lets You Get Together with Your Friends and Watch Netflix with Them or Your Family.

If You Don’t Want to Share Your Screen While Streaming Netflix on Discord, You Can Always Try Netflix’s Watch Party. It May Be Inconvenient to Set up A Watch Party, but It Is Safe.

So, This Is Another Way to Stream Netflix on Discord. but What if A User Is Having Trouble with The Graphics when Watching Netflix on The Discord App?

Hardware Acceleration Can Fix the Problem.

Let’s Learn More About the Hardware Acceleration Feature.

What Is Hardware Acceleration?

When You Watch Netflix on Discord with Other People, Your Graphics May Sometimes Get Worse. Most People Have Trouble with The Black Screen. Also, the Problem Could Be Caused by A Problem with A Discord Folder.

Hardware Acceleration Is a Useful Feature in Discord that Makes Use of The Desktop’s Graphic Processing Unit.

Your Video Quality Will Get Better, and You’ll Be Able to Watch Netflix in High Resolution.

  • It activates high-quality streaming content.
  • The resource consumption is reduced, and thus, the GPU works efficiently.
  • Your Netflix content’s video quality improves.
  • Resolve your black screen issue with Hardware acceleration. So, it reduces black screen occurrence.
  • Disadvantages of hardware acceleration:
  • Other programs may become unstable.
  • It consumes enormous battery power, which affects battery life.

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration?

Follow the steps below to disable hardware acceleration and stream Netflix.
  1. Launch discord User Settings.User Setting at the bottom left corner
  2. Tap the settings icon (gear icon) at the left sidebar.
  3. Now, go to the App Settings page.
  4. Furthermore, select on Advanced option and a dropdown menu will appear.Advanced option at the bottom
  5. In the lower-left corner, you will see Hardware Acceleration.
  6. Disable hardware acceleration if it’s enabled by deactivating the toggle button.

Discord advance settings screen

  1. Finally, tap on Okay.

You can also disable hardware acceleration in your browser running the Netflix app. This option will be available at the hamburger menu (or horizontal three lines) in the upper right corner of the browser.

As you can see, how straightforward is the process in order to disable hardware acceleration in Discord? It won’t change how the Netflix app or browser works in the background.

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