how to take a screenshot on iphone

How to Take a Screenshot On iPhone?

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to take a screenshot on an iPhone. Even though they’re some of the best phones on the market, it’s not clear. So if you’ve never used an iPhone before, you might be a little lost. Apple has also changed how to take screenshots on all of its devices to make things even more complicated.

Taking a screenshot with iOS depends on the model you have, but all of the built-in gestures require some combo of the iPhone’s physical buttons. After iPhones got the notch instead of the home button, the motion changed a little, but it’s still very easy.

We’ve put together the two ways that Apple currently lets you take a picture on an iPhone. So, make sure you know what kind of iPhone you have and read on to learn how to take a picture on an iPhone.

How to Screenshot On iPhone

For this how-to, we’ll start with the newest iPhone models and work our way backward. That means the iPhone X and later models, including the new iPhone 14 series, come first.

How to Screenshot on iPhone X or Newer

1. When you have what you want to screenshot on-screen, press the Volume Up button and the Side Button simultaneously. Your screenshot is taken!

2. You’ll see the preview of the screenshot pop up in the bottom left corner of your screen. Tap it to access editing options before saving, to share the screengrab or delete it.

Leaving the preview alone or hitting Done once you’re finished editing means you’ll find the screenshot in your Photos app.

3. If you want to capture a long-enough page in Safari and are using an up-to-date version of iOS, opening the editing window will let you select Full Page capture, letting you screengrab the full webpage or menu in one go. We’ve got a detailed guide on how to take a full page screenshot covering this.

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How to screenshot on iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2nd or 3rd gen) or older

Even though the button combination is the same, you don’t use the same buttons for older iPhones like the iPhone 8 or newer iPhone SE models with an older design. You should do this instead:

1. With your subject on-screen, press the Side Button and the Home button simultaneously. Your screenshot will appear soon after.

Note: If you’re using an older iPhone with a top lock button, press the Top button and Home button simultaneously.

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2. As before, tap the preview to open up editing, full-page mode or delete the screengrab. Press Done or leave the preview alone to let it save in your Photos app.

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