How to Turn off Suggested Posts On Instagram

How to Turn off Suggested Posts On Instagram?

If you use Instagram, you may have seen something in your feed called a “suggested post.” These are the posts from people you don’t follow, but who you might be interested in. People like this new feature because it kind of advertises you so that other people will start following you. However, people who see the same suggested posts over and over again aren’t too happy about it.

What’s up? These people don’t want to see posts from strangers on their feed. If you feel the same way and want to know how to stop Instagram from suggesting posts, you’re in the right place.

Part 1: What is Instagram Suggested?

Instagram is making changes to its features, and a new one called “suggested posts” just came out. When Instagram suggests something on its own, it will be posts from random people that Instagram thinks you might want to check out. When you get to the end of your feed, these posts will show up.

Also, these posts will be based on what you like to see on Instagram in general. If you’re wondering if these will be the same as the ones in Explore, the answer is no. These posts will be similar to the ones you already read or look at often.

With suggested posts, you can look through Instagram a little bit more and even follow someone you don’t already follow. There is a feature called “suggested friends” that is similar to “suggested posts.” This is the next thing you’ll see after the first or second post.

The goal of these features is to help you find more people who share your interests and follow them so you can see more of what they post.

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Part 2: How to Turn off Suggested Posts on Instagram?

So, if you’re looking for ways to get rid of Instagram‘s suggested posts, here’s some bad news: there’s no easy way to stop seeing unwanted suggested posts at the bottom of your feed. Instagram has also made it clear that suggested posts can’t be removed. But this doesn’t mean that you can hide any of the suggested posts.

And all you’ll need to do to do that is make your account private. Once you do that, you’ll only see posts from people you follow on your feed.

What you have to do is:

Step 1: Open your Instagram account and if you are not logged in, simply enter your credentials to log in. You can do this by visiting your Instagram mobile app or via the browser. Once your account is open, instead of going to your profile, stay on the home page, which shows you the latest posts of people you are following.

 suggestions for you on Ins

Step 2: Go to the home page, where you can see posts of the people you follow. Now, scroll down towards the end and stop when you see the “you’re all caught up” message.

Step 3: Right below that, you will see Suggested Posts, and the whole section will be filled with posts of people you don’t know.

Step 4: Now, to stop seeing a recommended user’s post, you can click on the three dots. The dots will be towards the right of the user’s name.

Step 5: Four options will be shown to you- report, not interested, copy URL, and finally, share. You need to click on the not interesting option.

click on not interested on suggested posts

Step 6: That post and user will be removed, and instead of that, you will see a message by Instagram asking for feedback. You can click on the option: I don’t want to see posts from this account, and Instagram won’t show you that user’s posts.

choose your feedback option

Part 3: How to Delete Suggested Users from Instagram?

There is a way to get rid of unknown users from your Instagram feed if you don’t want to see suggested users. You can use your web browser or the Instagram app on your phone. Use whichever one feels best. Please keep in mind, though, that these steps must be done for each suggested user. Now, use that, and then do these things.

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Part 4: How to Avoid Showing up in Other Users’ Suggestions for Your List

Just like Instagram suggests users and posts to you, it also suggests your account to other people. This is done so that people who might be interested in what you post can follow your account. Here’s what you need to do if you don’t want Instagram to suggest you:

Step 1: Open a web browser and visit Instagram.

Step 2: Now, look at the top right, where you can see your profile picture. Please click on that, and then click on the Settings option.

Step 3: Scroll down toward the bottom, and you will find the similar account suggestions section. In this section, you will see a checkbox. You need to uncheck that if you don’t want your name to appear as a suggested user.

 uncheck the similar account suggestions box

Part 5: How Does Instagram Suggestions Work?

Everything you do online is recorded by Instagram. Instagram tries to give you the best suggestions based on the posts you follow, like, and comment on. It does this by looking at the posts you follow, like, and comment on. The suggestions are the new thing that it has added. It’s easy to understand how suggestions work.

The algorithm gives you suggestions based on what you like, who you follow, and what you usually look at. This can include recommending users and posts. Even if your account is private, you will still see suggested posts, but you won’t see suggested users. Instagram will keep track of what you like to look at and explore, and based on that, the algorithm will send you suggestions of things you might like.

For example, let’s say you like to watch videos of cats and dogs. When you’re done looking at the feed, it will say “you’re all caught up” near the bottom, and then it will show you posts about cats and dogs because you have already looked at similar posts.

So, it will start suggesting posts and people that have similar content based on what you told it. This makes it more likely for people to follow new people and read their latest posts. Instagram will also keep track of things like the hashtags you use, the posts you like or comment on, and other similar things.

So, you will still see these posts even if you clear your search history. If they go to their settings page and look at similar account suggestions, the user name will no longer show up. Most people, though, don’t do that, so you will see their posts. Because Facebook owns Instagram, these suggestions can also be based on who your Facebook friends are.

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So, you now know how to get rid of Instagram’s suggested posts and how to do it. Keep in mind that Instagram’s suggested posts are a new feature that can’t be turned off completely. You can get rid of suggested posts and suggested users, but you can’t get rid of all suggested posts and users. But this feature is very helpful because it makes it easy to look at more content without having to go through the search tab.

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