5 ImgInn Alternatives In 2023

In this essay, the best guide and alternatives to ImgInn will be discussed. We will investigate how ImgInn functions, what features it offers, and, most importantly, whether it is safe to use. Save Instagram photographs online, download Instagram videos and customise user avatars. Remember that you can only download the avatars, pictures, videos, and posts of Instagram users whose accounts are public. Private Instagram accounts cannot be downloaded and searched at the same time. Further reading: ImgInn interface and website architecture How to Launch an E-Commerce Company in 2023.

What is ImgInn ? 5 ImgInn Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you will learn about alternatives to ImgInn; the information are provided below.

ImgInn’s website boasts a clean, intuitive, and easy user interface. Honestly, the experience is limited to a single web page scroll. Yet, the chaotic part of the page is the abundance of banner advertisements.

The following is what you will see on the official ImgInn website:

  • The search, stories, photo, video, and avatar icons are located at the top.
  • A search field that is highlighted as “Enter username.”
  • With “About us” and “Remove account” at the bottom.

ImgInn: How Do I Use It?

Discover how to see Instagram without a profile. I’ll go over each aspect of ImgInn so you can better understand it.

How to begin using ImgInn is as follows:

  • Use Google or your selected search engine to look up “ImgInn.”
  • Open the site link for the Imginn.com extension from the SERP.
  • To start the fun, enter the username for your profile.
  • The interface will display a list of pertinent profiles culled from Instagram once you conduct a search.
  • The matched profile account should be clicked.
  • You’ll find “Post,” “Stories,” and “Tagged” beneath the profile avatar.
  • Post: The postings, including single and multiple photos, and videos, are displayed when you click on the post menu.
  • Stories: Because it doesn’t support reels, this will just display the highlights.
  • Tagged: A person tags other users on their post to increase outreach.
  • From marked accounts are displayed in the interface’s posts and video.

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How to download instagram posts anonymously from imginn?

ImgInn makes downloading quick and simple.

Here is how to start downloading:

  • Choose the type of resource from the (Stories, Photo, Video, and Avatar) menu using the search box.
  • Both stories and avatars operate using search terms.
  • When prompted, type your Instagram username and press the search icon.
  • A link is required in order to download a photo or video.
  • How to download Instagram pictures & videos without a link is provided here:
  • To download any images or movies, just utilise the search bar menu.
  • No links are necessary.
  • When you join the username, the interface will display all of that account’s material, not just the public ones.
  • Simply select the “download” button to start the download.
  • There’s no need to register or wait.

What I Enjoy About Img Inn Is as Follows:

  • Used to access Instagram without logging in.
  • All post kinds, including videos and photographs, are available for download.
  • You can see and download the profiles of both your own and other user accounts.
  • Browse secretly; nobody will know what you’re downloading.
  • Download different Instagram files using a separate menu.
  • Process of downloading is quick and uninterrupted by advertising.
  • A user may additionally ask ImgInn to delete or remove their account if they choose.
  • Here is how to delete an account from ImgInn:

Picture Removal Request

  • Click “Remove Account” in the area at the bottom.
  • The URL of your Instagram profile should be entered.
  • Type the email address in.
  • Please click the “Submit” button.
  • Reminder: The procedure will need to be completed over a few days.

Negative Features of ImgInn

First off, ImgInn is unable to monitor your private account, hence it is unable to process posts and videos from private accounts.

Second, the UI does not let users view the number of views or likes for individual postings.

Thirdly, because the website lacks copyright warnings or privacy disclaimers, there is a possibility of privacy issues and hacking.

Does this imply that ImgInn has the ability to hack data?

According to how you use the site, the answer is yes, it might be possible.

Furthermore, I discovered in my research using technologies that the website has a bad security score. Try Imginn Alternatives and Related Sites in this situation.

You might try the following Imginn.com alternatives, which have more features and possibilities, if you tyre of using ImgInn or, regrettably, the website becomes unresponsive.

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1. Dumpor


Similar to Imginn, Dumpor enables anonymous browsing and the downloading of Instagram story views, pictures, and videos.

Using the basic user interface, users are encouraged to search for any Instagram account using an Instagram profile, location, and tag.


Hashtag search is supported as you browse likes and comments.

2. Storistalker


Imgin alternative to Storistalker

Storistalker is an additional anonymous Instagram video and photo viewer.

The website is slightly slower and prompts users to wait 30 seconds for the result because it requires time to process.

But, registration is not necessary for the instant download.


  • Watch Instagram stories without identification
  • Observe the movies and posts that have been removed.

3. SmiHub


SmiHub is an identical website to Imginn that is free to use and download.

Using SmiHub, a service provided by StoriesIG, users may browse and download additional content, including Instagram stories, incognito.

The website features two menus, “Viewer” and “Downloader,” as well as a search form that takes both Username and URL into consideration.


  • There is absolutely no cost.
  • Without logging in
  • Maintains HD videos and images

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4. Qoob


Qoob enables users to store content from TikTok and Instagram by offering features such as group or individual downloads, incognito surfing, notifications for new postings, and the ability to schedule automatic downloads. Also see Top Instagram Marketing Companies

Clients have limited access to the website, and as a result, Qoob offers affordable options that enable users to continue using their Qoob perks.


  • A series of downloads
  • View Instagram stories without identification
  • Your Instagram and TikTok accounts as a backup

5. Inflact


Inflact is the greatest Instagram anonymous story viewer.

Save videos and photographs without registering.

Save IG stories automatically and for free from any public profile. No further applications are required for this to function.


  • Watch Instagram Stories quickly and secretly
  • Enjoy the free online Instagram Stories service.
  • Multiple devices supported, searchable from any device


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