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What is the Instagram Lite App for Android?

Your phone is running out of space? I have a way to help, and it’s called Instagram Lite.

Relax in your favourite chair, because after reading this post, you might not be as worried about the amount of space on your device.

What is Instagram Lite?

instagram lite download

Instagram Lite is Instagram with no fat.

A “light” version of the app for photos (and videos, stories, reels, etc.) that takes up less space than the standard version.

If you use Instagram every day and are running out of space on your phone, this new format could help. If you don’t need the social network for work, you could have the full version of Instagram in your browser and the Lite version app on your phone.

But it’s true that having less megas means having less functions. If you want to try out this “free” version of Instagram, this is something to think about.

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Instagram Lite vs. Instagram

What are the differences between the two versions of this well-known social network?

We’ve made a list of the most important differences so you can see the pros and cons and make your own decision.

#1 App size

The main difference between the two apps is how much space they take up on your device.

Instagram is 30 MB, but the Lite version is only 3 MB. That’s a big difference, especially since most phones have more than one social media app.

You can make better use of your device if you use Instagram Lite. But if you choose the Lite version, you will have to give up some features.

#2 Instagram actions

When it comes to actions, Instagram Lite is a bit behind, at least in terms of the most recent changes.

You can share photos and videos on your feed and add stories to your account with Instagram Lite. But compared to the full version, the extra features like stickers and other tools are limited.

#3 Missing functions

The “light” version of Instagram doesn’t have Reels, which is the most important thing. The Lite version of Instagram doesn’t have all of the new features.

What do I mean by not completely? You can watch other people’s reels, but you can’t make your own. So, you can’t post short videos to your feed.

Even on the Lite version, there are no ads.

#4 Interacting with content

Here, the two versions of Instagram are pretty much the same. In the end, what makes it work is how people talk to each other.

Any account can get likes, comments, and private messages. There is also a section called “Explore,” where you can find new content that you might be interested in. So you won’t miss anything, and Instagram will use that to show you cool things.

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#5 Only for Android

The only difference between Instagram Lite and the full version is that Instagram Lite is only available on one of the two mobile operating systems. This is probably the most surprising difference.

For now, you can only get the Lite version on Android phones. You can get it for free HERE from the Play Store.

In the meantime, people who use iOS can’t use this version of Instagram.


What can we say about Instagram and Instagram Lite now that we’ve compared them?

If you work with Instagram as a social media manager or if you use this social network often, you will need the full version. It has everything you need to work and grow your business or brand.

If you don’t have enough space on your phone or don’t need all of Instagram’s features, you should get the Lite version.

If you’re in the first group, you can add Instagram’s web version or desktop app, which doesn’t take up much space on your computer.

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