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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

If you’re running a business on Instagram, knowing who’s been checking your page can be especially helpful. People with secret accounts might also want to know who looks at their Instagram profiles. So, the question is, can you see who looks at your Instagram account and how?

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Page?

Do you want to know if it’s possible to find out who visits your Instagram page? Instagram lets you know when someone follows you, gives you a message, likes, comments on, or shares one of your posts. But with the Instagram profile watcher update, users don’t know when other people look at their profile.

“Online stalking” is the act of looking at someone’s page without interacting with it. It’s usually done out of interest and isn’t too dangerous. So it makes sense that you might wonder if your page also gets visitors who are just as interested.

You might be wondering, “Can I see private Instagram accounts?” Instagram’s privacy rules make sure that people who just look at profiles can do so anonymously. You won’t be able to tell who among your followers or even people who aren’t your followers are looking at your page because other users won’t be able to tell that you’ve been there.

You might also want to know if Instagram users can see when you take a picture. No, people on IG can take screenshots without being seen. This is true for all kinds of Instagram accounts, including personal, secret, public, and business accounts.

For Instagram business accounts, the Instagram Insights tool does show the number of visits to the page, along with other useful data. But the study won’t say what these visitors’ random Instagram names are. So you won’t be able to see who is looking at your Instagram, but you will be able to see how many people looked at your page over a set amount of time. This is how:

  1. Go to your profile page and tap the menu in the upper right corner.


Screenshot of Instagram Menu
  1. Select “Insights” and under “Recent Highlights,” tap “Accounts Reached.”


Screenshot of Instagram Insights Recent Highlights
  1. Under “Accounts Reached,” you’ll find “Profile Visits” below “Account Activity.”


Screenshot of Instagram Insights Accounts Reached showing how many people view your Instagram profile

You can check to see if someone has blocked you on Instagram if you want to look at someone’s profile and pictures but can’t. You can mute the account of someone you’re following if you’re no longer interested in their posts but don’t want to stop following them.

Here’s how to stop a person from talking on Instagram. And if you don’t know how to avoid someone on Instagram, here is all the information you need.

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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story?

Instagram Stories, well, that’s a different thing. Can you see who looks at your Instagram story? Yes, you can see who looks at your story, even if they don’t comment.

You’ll be able to see a list of everyone who saw your story in the 24 hours it was online. You can use this information to figure out if you’re hitting the right people and if your content is interesting enough to keep them interested.

Woman on a balcony viewing an Instagram story on her phone.

The number of people who have seen your story changes in real-time. To see who has seen your story, just tap on it and then tap on “Viewers” at the bottom. If you have a business account, you can also use Insights to learn more about how well your stories do.

Find the Stories area under the Content tab. You can also see how Instagram users spend their time when they watch your stories from this page. How many people left a story and how many went back, forward, and next?

Have you looked at someone else’s Instagram story by accident but don’t want them to know? Stay calm because it will only be visible for 24 hours, or you can try putting your phone into airplane mode right away.

Instagram Stories are a great way to get more people to see you and interact with you. It’s also a useful tool that gives you important information about the kinds of people you’re reaching, how many of them, and what kinds of stories work best.

If you know the tricks and secrets of story watchers, you will have the upper hand. So, a good way to find out who looks at your Instagram the most is to post stories often.

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Can You See Who Views Your Highlights on Instagram?

You can’t see who looks at your Instagram Highlights. But if you add a new story to your Highlights, you can still see how many times it has been seen and who has seen it in the first 48 hours. The information will be erased after this time.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Posts?

Can you see who looks at your Instagram posts so you can compare them to the people who actually interacted with them? Let’s look at two types of posts: Instagram videos and Instagram pictures.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Video?

If you want to know, “Can you see who watched your Instagram video?” the answer is only if the video is on your Stories. You’ll only see the number of views, likes, and comments for movies on your feed.

Insights on Instagram videos will give you more information, such as the average number of videos that are watched and a graph that shows how long people stay interested in your videos.

If you’re looking for ways to get Instagram video views for free, you’re looking in the wrong place. There are no safe ways to pay for or get free video views besides making interesting content that people want to share.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Photos?

Person viewing an Instagram photo.

You won’t know who looks at your Instagram pictures until they like or comment on them. You won’t be able to see people who just look but don’t participate.

But from your Insights, you can see how many people you were able to reach with a picture. In the Discovery section of a picture post, you can also see how many of the accounts you reached don’t already follow you and how many impressions you got based on how you used hashtags.

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Third-Party Apps That Provide Insights About Instagram Profile Views

Are you asking, “Who’s looking at my Instagram?” With the help of third-party tools, you might want to keep digging to find out who is looking at your profile and posts. Can you use these third-party apps to see who looks at your Instagram? Keep in mind that Instagram has strict and strong privacy and security rules to keep its users safe.

Instagram doesn’t give advertisers information that could be used to find out who you are without your agreement. The software also makes it hard for third parties to access user information. So you should be very careful with any free Instagram stalker apps that say they can tell you who is looking at your Instagram.

A lot of these third-party Instagram stalker apps are fake and shouldn’t be trusted. But if you really want to use a profile viewer app, make sure you do enough study to find out if it’s safe and legit before you start using it. Here are two apps that have gotten a fair number of good reviews and may be worth a look.

Remember that most third-party Instagram apps that offer interaction insights can only get information about people who directly interact with your profile and content.

The only people whose information is collected by an Instagram stalker app are those who actually follow you. These apps can’t track Instagram stalkers or other users who don’t follow you but may check your profile.

Everyone’s Right to Privacy Also Applies to Instagram Users

You might be curious and ask, “Does Instagram now have profile views?” or “Can you see who looks at your Instagram?” The Instagram app can keep track of who looks at your Instagram page.

But the site doesn’t share the identities of people who use it unless it’s a Story or when a person interacts with a post. Even though you might think that knowing who looks at your profile without interacting with them would help you change how you sell to them, access to this information is seen as a breach of privacy.

If you want to buy visits to your Instagram page, you shouldn’t. There are no reliable places to buy Instagram page views. Putting your attention on these numbers won’t help you grow in any way. You could risk the privacy of your account and lose trust. This is against Instagram’s rules, and if you do it, your account could be closed.

Instagram has also put in place a number of ways to protect its users from harassment, bullying, abuse, or unwanted contact, both for private and public accounts. Users can change their private settings to tell the public what information they can see.

They can also decide who can see their posts and information by limiting or blocking certain people. You can use a free Instagram Profile Analyzer to compare your account to those of your rivals and find out what makes them better.

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How Can I Increase the Number of People Viewing My Instagram Profile?

If you run a business Instagram account often, the platform gives you access to advanced tracking tools that can help you improve how you target your audience. Instagram keeps track of likes, comments, programs, followers, and views of your Instagram story.

Instagram Insights gives the person who owns the account information about these things. You can use a free tool to check your Instagram growth and see how your account and those of your rivals compare.

If you want to grow your audience but need help with advanced audience tracking, you can work with a reliable and trustworthy growth partner like Path Social.

You can use the free Instagram Story Viewer to look at and download stories without an account, or you can start with the Instagram web viewer to look at accounts without an account. Use Path Social’s AI targeting technology and in-house team of experts to start building and getting more Instagram followers right away.

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