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iPad Unavailable? How to Repair It – Top 3 Methods

If your iPad is unavailable, you may question how this occurred and how to rectify the situation. Fortunately, you may cure the iPad’s unavailability problem on your own if you are aware of the proper procedures and how to execute them appropriately.

This post will explain why you receive the iPad is unavailable warning and how to easily resolve it. We will provide step-by-step instructions for numerous approaches so that you can unlock your device without any prior knowledge or skill.

Why Does My iPad Say iPad Unavailable on the Lock Screen? What Does it Mean?


The passcode on your iPad is intended to provide more protection so that no one may use your device without entering the right combination. It acts as a security measure, but it becomes a nuisance when it repeatedly locks you out of the device after you enter the incorrect combination.

When an incorrect passcode is entered five times in a row on an iPad, the device becomes momentarily inaccessible for one minute and the iPad unavailable message appears. If you repeatedly input incorrect passcodes, the unavailable time will rise until the ninth attempt. After ten consecutive incorrect attempts, your iPad becomes permanently inaccessible.

When the iPad is inaccessible and there is no timeframe to attempt the passcode again, you have reached the maximum of 10 consecutive incorrect tries. You are prohibited from using your smartphone for any function, including calls, photos, and data access. The gadget cannot be used again until it has been reset.

You may have a solid understanding of why your iPad is inaccessible. Let’s examine how to recover an inaccessible iPad using several methods.

How to Fix iPad “Unavailable” Without Computer

There are a number of solutions suggested for repairing an iPad that is inaccessible, but we will focus on those that do not require a computer. Let’s examine each of them individually.

1) If Your iPhone/iPad is iOS 15.2 or iPad 15.2 and Later

If your iPad is updated to iPadOS 15.2 or later, the iPad unavailable issue can be resolved without difficulty.

Starting with iPadOS 15.2 or iOS 15.2, Apple has made it simple to reset your device if it becomes inaccessible. After being locked out, two buttons appear at the bottom of the screen. The first button is the emergency button, while the second is the Erase iPad button.

Step 1: Press, Erase iPad.

Step 2: Tap again on Erase iPad to confirm.

Step 3: Now, the device will ask you to enter your Apple ID and password to erase it. Enter the credentials and tap on Erase iPad. Now, your iPad will do everything on its own. It will erase the data and settings and reset your device. After that, you can set up the device as a new one.

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2) If Your iPhone and iPad Operating System is Before iOS15.2

If your iPadOS/iOS version is 15.1 or earlier, the Wipe iPhone button will not appear at the bottom. In this instance, you must utilise a computer. You must put your device into recovery mode before using a computer to reset it.

Step 1: First, turn off your device. Now, depending on its model, you need to press and hold a certain button on your device. For iPhone 8 and later, use the side button. For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, use the volume down button. For iPhone SE (1st Gen), use the home button.

Step 2: Press and hold the button and connect the device to your computer. Do not let the button go until you see the recovery screen on the device.

Step 3: Now, go to Finder. You will see the Restore prompt. Click on Restore, and it will do the reset on its own to fix your iPad unavailable issue.

3) “iPad Unavailable”?

If Find My iPad is activated on your device, you can reset it using an application. It can be done remotely, and another person’s phone can be used.

Step 1: Take someone’s phone and enter the Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Once you are logged in, you will see various options at the bottom of the screen. Tap on Devices. You will see your iPad there.

Step 3: Tap on your iPad. You will see various options; tap on Erase this Device. Tap on Continue. Now, your device will be erased on its own.

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Erase the Unavailable iPad via Find My iPad

If Find My iPad is activated on your device, you can reset it using an application. It can be done remotely, and another person’s phone can be used.

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How to Unlock Unavailable iPad via Tenorshare 4uKey

Tenorshare 4uKey is a comprehensive tool for unlocking your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. It can remove the passcode from your iPhone in all circumstances, even without your Apple ID and password. It works regardless of whether your device is unavailable, the screen is broken, your Apple ID is disabled, or you forgot the passcode. It expedites the resolution of the issue. It can remove the passcode, the screen-time passcode, and the MDM login screen.

The finest aspect is that Tenorshare 4uKey may be used without experience or training. You only need to complete a few straightforward actions, and you’re finished. Tenorshare 4uKey might be utilised if you are looking for a way to reset an iPad that has been locked. It is compatible with every iOS/iPadOS version and iPad/iPhone model.

Step 1: Download Tenorshare 4uKey

Step 2: You will see various options on your screen. By default, iPhone unlock mode is selected. Click on Start.

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Step 3: Connect your iPad to the computer, and the software automatically detects the device. Click on Next to proceed.

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Step 4: You must enter Recovery mode to reset your device. You will see the step-by-step instructions on the software. Follow them and put your device in recovery mode.

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Step 5: The software will detect suitable firmware for the iPad. You must select the location on your computer and click the Download button. It will download the firmware on its own.

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Step 6: Finally, click on Start to Remove. The software will begin the resetting process. You need to wait for a few minutes. You will see the lock removal message on the software. Now, you can use your device.

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How to Fix iPad Unavailable with iTunes

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iTunes is another option for repairing an inoperable iPad. It is an official solution that requires no other tool or service. Follow the below steps.

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Step 1: Open your PC or Mac and update iTunes to the latest version.

Step 2: Now, turn off your iPad and put it in recovery mode. Earlier in the article, we have already discussed how you can put the device in recovery mode. Press and hold the button on your iPhone and connect the device to the computer.

With iPhone 8 and later, the side button must be used. Use the volume down button on an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. On the iPhone SE (1st Generation), press the home button.

Step 3: Let the button go when you see the recovery mode screen. Now, open iTunes. Go to the Summary tab. You will see the Restore option there. Click on it and restore your device.


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