What Is Keybr and How Does It Work?

Keybr is a website that helps you learn to touch type by giving you typing tasks that are just right for your level.  As you get better at typing and improve your typing speed, you can move on to more difficult levels where you can train your muscles to type just by feeling the keys.

What Is Touch Typing?

How To Touch Type & Improve Your Keyboard Skills! | Fantech World

Techopedia says that touch typing is a way to type that is mostly based on feeling the keys without looking at them. In other words, “typing with your fingers.” This is only possible if you type so often that it becomes second nature and you don’t have to look at the keys as you press them.

So, “the fingers get so used to typing that they go to the right keys on their own, without the typist even having to look or feel around the keyboard.” In Keybr’s terms, the opposite of touch typing is hunt-and-peck typing, which is a way to type where the person looks at the computer while typing.

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How Does Keybr Work?

Keybr uses complex formulas to figure out how good you are at typing and to give you lessons that are right for your level. Your level of typing skill is based on how fast and accurately you type. Keybr makes up odd words for you to type, and as you do so, it keeps track of how well you type as a whole. When you finish a set of words, Keybr makes a new set of words at random, and the process keeps going.

Many of the words that Keybr makes are important, but that’s not always the case. The goal is to get you to type quickly and well with as few mistakes as possible and in as little time as possible. But the Keybr algorithm does take into account how your original language sounds and gives you letter combinations that are used in your language.

How to Use Keybr?

Keybr typing

To help you type faster and more accurately Keybr gives you a virtual keyboard that you can use to find letters without looking at the real keyboard.  But if you want to learn to type quickly, you need to know how to place your fingers on a physical computer.

The right way to put your fingers on the computer is to look for the “small bumps” on the F and J keys. You can use these to keep your tip fingers in the right place without having to look at the keys. Once your index fingers are where they should be, you’ll be able to find the rest of the keys.”

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Does Keyblr Support the Custom Text?

Yes! With Keybr’s advanced mode, you can add your own writing. Here’s what you need to do: Click on Settings, check “Provide your own custom text,” and then copy and paste your text into the white box. You can paste words and sentences that have commas between them.

Multiplayer Mode

Try Multiplayer if you want to see how well you can type against other people. Depending on how many other people are online when you join, you may be able to play against them in real time. A different-colored car stands for each player. “Your car goes faster the faster you type. Type as quickly as you can to win!

Text Tools

Text Tools let you put in your text to find out how many words and characters it has, how long it takes to read it, and what your average typing speed is.

How Much Does Keybr Cost?

There are both free and paid plans for Keybr. The premium plan has all the same benefits as the basic plan, plus there are no ads or trackers, and pages load quickly. There is a “one-time payment that gives you access for life.”  Also, if you create a free account on Keybr, you can save your typing data on the site’s servers and view it from any computer with an Internet connection.

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