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How to Download and Install LibreOffice for Free?

LibreOffice is a free, open-source program that has its own versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It may be one of the best free options to Office 365. It has all the tools you need to make papers, spreadsheets, presentations, and more that look good.

You can download two different versions of LibreOffice. Tech fans and early users should get the most recent version.

But if you want a version that has been tried and tested, you might like version 6.4.7, even though it doesn’t have the newest features. The way to download both versions is the same, but the outline below shows the new features in version 7.0.3.

How to Download and Install LibreOffice for Free

  1. Click on the Download button on the sidebar, and the LibreOffice download page will open in a new tab.
  2. Choose the LibreOffice version you want and press the Download button, and the setup file will automatically download to your computer.
    Download LibreOffice
  3. When the file finishes downloading, open it, and the setup wizard will open.
  4. Click the Next button to begin.
  5. You can choose the Typical or Custom installation and then click Next. The Typical option includes all the programs and files, and with the custom installation, you have the option to pick and choose what to install. Only do this if you have some technical knowledge.
  6. You can opt to have a shortcut on your desktop and to load LibreOffice each time the device turns on. After you make your selection, press the Install button.
  7. You might have to reboot your computer before the installation can finish.

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How to Uninstall LibreOffice

If LibreOffice isn’t the right option for you, maybe one of the free alternatives below will work better. In a few easy steps, you can get rid of LibreOffice from your computer.

  1. Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows search bar and press the Enter button.
  2. Locate LibreOffice in the list of installed programs, and click uninstall.
    Uninstall LibreOffice
  3. While the software is uninstalling, I had to close my Chrome browser and then reboot the entire computer, and then the program was completely removed.

LibreOffice Overview

LibreOffice is a free office work suite that can compete with the popular and powerful Office 365.

LibreOffice is a split off of OpenOffice, which was the first major competitor to Microsoft Office. The LibreOffice team was able to make some changes to the OpenOffice code and create this set of apps that can be used together.

There are a total of six programs included in the download:

    • Writer:A tool for working with words that has everything you need to make professional papers. You can change the style of the page, add headers and footers, choose from different fonts, and change the size of the fonts to suit your needs. Writer also has language and spelling check features, so not only will your work look professional, but it will also help you make less mistakes.LibreOffice Writer
    • Calc: Most of the complicated tables, formulas, and pivot tables you need are in this spreadsheet tool. It comes with a bunch of templates to help you get started.LibreOffice Calc
    • Impress: Make beautiful presentation slides with animations, transitions between slides, 3D images, and a good selection of themes. The presenter panel in Impress lets you add notes that only the person giving the presentation can see.LibreOffice Impress
    • Draw: A nice way to make quick sketches, expert drawings, and other kinds of drawings. A picture can be up to 300300 cm in size, and it can be drawn by hand or with different shape and line tools.LibreOffice Draw
    • Base: This app can be used to build any kind of database, and it works with all the other tools. Base also works with popular database programs like MySQL and JDBC.LibreOffice Base
    • Formula: This formula editor is great for teachers, scientists, students, and other academics. It works with Writer, Calc, Impress, and Draw, so it’s easy to add formulas or equations to your different papers.LibreOffice Math

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LibreOffice Features

  • Compatible with Office: Not only can LibreOffice open all types of Office documents, but one of the major features included in the latest version is it can now save files as a docx.
  • Digitally sign your documents: LibreOffice works with the secure and encrypted OpenPGP digital signature for Writer, Impress, and PDF files.
  • PDF Reader and Editor: Not only can you save files as a PDF, but LibreOffice can open and edit PDFs as well.
  • 100% open source: There are many benefits that come with open source technology. This includes better security, fewer bugs, and a helpful community of developers that can answer your questions should you need help.

Free Alternatives to LibreOffice

  • Apache OpenOffice:  is the first free, open-source program that competes with Microsoft Office. It comes with six programs that help you do work around the office: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, and Math. These have most of the features you need, like spell check, formulas for spreadsheets, a variety of themes, and the ability to build databases.
  • Office 365: has the most full set of software for office work, and the OneDrive cloud has been added to it. Even though you can try the software for free, you have to pay to download it. However, you can use all the Office apps for free through your computer and get 5GB of storage on OneDrive.

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