Newswars.Com Traffic Analytics & Market Share is a news aggregator website that offers readers the latest news stories from around the web. In order to provide the best possible reading experience for its users, the site uses traffic analytics to measure user engagement and market share. This article will explore this process and how it can be used to improve website design and content marketing strategies.

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Since launching in 2007, has been a pioneer in traffic analysis and market share reporting for online news sites. The site offers detailed reports on traffic sources (such as search engine, social media, and direct traffic), monthly market share, and other key data points.

The site’s Traffic Analysis tool provides readers with a comprehensive view of their website’s performance. This includes information on how many unique visitors came from each source, as well as detailed stats on how much revenue each channel contributed.

Newswars also conducts monthly polls to explore reader sentiment on a variety of topics. These surveys help the site understand what stories are resonating with readers and which topics are generating the most interest.

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Market Share

Why Alex Jones' “NewsWars” Looks The Way It Does | by Aubrey Nagle | Medium

Newswires is a leading news site that provides breaking news stories, insights and analysis on the latest global events. In order to better understand the site’s traffic patterns, we analyzed traffic data from Google Analytics. Our findings indicate that Newswars has a market share of 8.1% among all global news sites.

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