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What Does “NVM” Mean, and How Is It Used?

You’ve probably seen the text message shorthand NVM before. Here’s what this popular internet slang phrase means and how to use it correctly.

What It Means

NVM is not a word, like most short forms of slang on the internet. Instead, it’s a short form of the phrase “never mind.” It can also be written as “NVMD” or “NM.”

Never mind can be shortened in two ways: with a capital N (NVM) or with a lowercase N (nvm), which is much more popular. It’s often used online, in text messages, chat rooms, and messaging apps when someone wants everyone to ignore their last message.

The Origins of NVM

NVM has been used since the first chat rooms on the Internet. People used it a lot because they often had to type quickly and well. There were strict character limits on many messaging systems, like SMS, so it was necessary to shorten longer phrases.

The top entry for NVM in Urban Dictionary is from 2003, but the phrase has been used much longer than that. The article simply says “nevermind.” Since then, it has become commonplace on the internet, on social media, and in chat apps.

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Using NVM in Chats and Texts

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Most of the time, NVM is used to tell someone to forget about the last letter you sent. When you ask for help, this often happens. Let’s say you need help with a hard math problem and reach out to someone. Then, let’s say you figure it out on your own. If you text “nvm” to the person you asked for help, it tells that person she can ignore your earlier message.

In the same way, if you want to buy something, you might message a store to see if they have it. But if you get the thing as a gift, you could say, “Never mind, I just got it as a gift!” The seller will then know that they don’t have to talk to you anymore.

When you change your mind about something, you can also use nvm. For instance, you could send a friend a text message asking for tips on which shirt to buy. But if you decide to get something completely different, you could text, “Nvm! Instead, I got a sweater.”

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Unusual Uses of NVM

NVM can also be used in a sarcastic or passive-aggressive way. If someone isn’t opening your messages, you could say “nvm” to get their attention or make them feel bad for not replying.

If you send a message to the wrong person by mistake, you could also use NVM. Even though this could be upsetting (especially if it’s been read), a simple “nvm, wrong number” or “nvm, meant to send that to someone else” Should fix it.

Many people also say “NVM” when the person they are talking to doesn’t understand their question. Here’s what I mean:

  • Person A: Have you watched the new episode yet?
  • Person B: What? A new episode came out?
  • Person A: LOL, nvm.

NVM is also used on social media when people ask questions or make requests. For example, say you ask your followers for ideas on what movie to watch. Then, you decide on the spot that you don’t want to watch a movie after all. You might write something like, “Oh well, I guess I won’t be watching a movie after all.”

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How to Use NVM

Since NVM stands for “never mind,” you can use it in the same ways you would use “never mind.” Though, it might be best to only use it in casual talks.

Here are a few more ways that NVM is used:

  • vm, I fixed it.
  • Nvm, you don’t need to bring any food. I had some delivered.
  • Sorry, nvm, I meant to send that meme to Dan.
  • NVM, I completely forgot what I was going to ask.

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