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Are You Looking for An Alternative to Remark Office OMR?

Remark OMR is one of the oldest commercially accessible OMR software packages.

Are you looking for an alternative to Remark OMR that is less complicated? Examine provides an OMR (optical mark recognition) and HTR (handwritten text recognition) survey solution for small and medium-sized organisations.

Send us the scanned papers containing the collected data from the paper-based forms with the data extracted automatically. Create everything you may imagine, including research surveys, questionnaires, registration, HR, feedback, or application forms, quizzes, and exams.

Form design and paper-based data collecting are simple and straightforward for anyone using an intuitive user interface.

Optical Mark Recognition and Handwritten Text Recognition intelligently distinguishes checkboxes and radio buttons from scanned surveys with a 99.99% rate of accuracy.

Using a sophisticated AI handwriting recognition model, handwritten text from open answer questions is identified.

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Cloud-Based Software

Unlike Remark OMR, is a cloud-based application. Consequently, you may build and administer paper surveys on any platform. You can also upload scanned files from your mobile device.

Do you not need:

  • Install any additional software
  • Be limited to a single device for recognizing scans
  • Deal with hardware and software updates
  • Renew licenses
  • Backup data
  • Think about scaling issues

Simple Pricing

Need to utilise the survey platform for only a few months? Simply unsubscribe when you no longer require the service and resubscribe when you wish to resume using it.

Digitally fillable PDF Forms

Digital survey forms can also be filled out without printing and scanning. Simply launch PDF, complete the form, and upload.

Your Branding

Upload your logo and modify the colours and font to make the survey seem professional and consistent with your company.

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Unique Identifiers for Multi-Page Surveys

Each page carries a unique identification. This lowers errors, eliminates duplication, and streamlines the scanning and processing of forms.

You will receive a single PDF file with the required number of printable copies.

View Results Online

You may always view your survey results online on any device and browser, and you can always compare recognised information with genuine document photos.

Zapier Automation

Automate document uploads with Zapier actions and obtain recognised data using triggers for recognition.



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