Tapori Satya, a Kannada Actress and Director, Has Died at The Age of 43.

Tapori Satya, a Kannada Actress and Director, Has Died at The Age of 43.

Tapori Satya, a Kannada actress, and director died on Monday at the age of 43. He died at a private hospital where he was getting care for kidney failure. His mother, wife and three children are said to still be alive.

Tapori Satya was the only person in the family who brought in money, so his death was a huge loss. Satya’s mother, Rukamma, told a TV news station, “Satya was in the hospital for a week in the ICU. He always cared about movies. Satya said he would take care of me and my family, so when he died, we were all shocked.

Kannada actor and director Tapori Satya passes away at 43 | PINKVILLA

Satya’s dead body will be kept at his home in Banashankari so that people can see it. Today is likely to be the day of the last rites.

Tapori Satya played the bad guy in the Yogesh and Nanditha movie Nanda Love Nanditha. When the movie came out in 2008, it was a big hit at the box office. He also directed the movie Mela, and he was getting ready to make his next movie. Reports say that he had already started working on his next movie and was holding tryouts.

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