TSMC celebrates the start of 3nm chip production in Taiwan ahead of the M2 Pro and Max

TSMC celebrates the Start of 3nm Chip Production in Taiwan Ahead of The M2 Pro and Max

After TSMC and Apple CEO Tim Cook announced its new chip plant in Arizona earlier this month, mass manufacturing of 3nm silicon is beginning with a celebration in Taiwan. This type of event is unique for TSMC, and here’s why:

According to Focus Taiwan, TSMC is celebrating the beginning of mass production of 3nm process chips in its home country of Taiwan today. Tainan’s Southern Taiwan Science Park is the location of the company’s “Fab 18” plant, which will produce the most advanced semiconductor technology.

It is unusual for TSMC to have such a ceremony, and analysts believe the company hopes it will alleviate concerns about its recent US investments. These ambitions for its Arizona facilities have increased from $12 billion to $40 billion.

Analysts believe the corporation is conducting the ceremony to announce its commitment to continue utilising Taiwan as a research, development, and production centre despite its abroad investments.

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Apple presently refers to the A16 as a 4nm chip, whereas TSMC considers it to be an improved 5nm processor. In 2023, it is anticipated that the first Apple devices to include 3nm CPUs will be the M2 Pro and Max Macs.

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TSMC’s Arizona facilities will eventually make 3nm chips (after beginning with 4nm), although it is anticipated that the company’s Taiwan facilities would produce the cutting-edge technology first. The mass manufacture of 2nm chips is anticipated to commence in 2025.

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