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How to Use Telegram Web on Your Desktop?

Telegram is one of the best messaging apps for Android. It has more features than any other chat app and lets you text in a way that other apps can’t. Telegram works on the best Android phones and works on all of the major platforms.

But you don’t necessarily need an app to use the texting service. Any web browser can be used to get to Telegram. Read the instructions below to learn how to set up and use Telegram on the web.

Can You Register for Telegram on The Web?

Only people who already use Telegram can use the service online. You can’t make a new Telegram account from a web browser. You must use the Telegram desktop or mobile app to sign up for the service.

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How to Utilise Telegram on The Web

You can use your browser to open the official Telegram web app. This is an easy way to use the messaging service when using a friend’s or family member’s computer or a computer in a public place.

Telegram Web works with all of the most popular browsers, like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Since it isn’t tied to a specific platform, any operating system can use it.

You need a Telegram session that is already running on your computer or phone. If you don’t have this, you can’t use Telegram online.

  • On your computer, open Telegram Web. On the screen, a QR code may be seen.
  • On your phone, launch the Telegram application.
  • Launch the Settings window.
  • Tap Devices.

web telegram

  • Choose Link Desktop Device from the menu.

web telegram

  • Scan the QR code that appears on the web for Telegram.
  • Use the Login by Phone Number option if you can’t access the Telegram app on your phone.
  • Put your number in.

web telegram

  • A five-digit code will be delivered to the Telegram app on your phone. To sign in to Telegram Web, type it.
  • Enter the password if two-step verification is enabled.

Telegram Web is very easy to use, just like the desktop and mobile versions. You can use more than one sticker pack, schedule messages, remove or change them after sending, look through channels, start new group discussions, and more. You can give the web app access to your notifications so that you know when new messages come in.

You can save the URL for the Telegram web app so you can use it easily from your office computer. This way, you can get to your chats and keep talking without having to download an app to your computer.

You can’t start a secret conversation that is encrypted from end to end with the browser app, but you can with Telegram on your phone or computer.

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The Web-Based Version of Telegram Is a Great Substitute for Desktop

If you use Telegram a lot but can’t install the app on the PC your employer gave you, use the online version of the service. When you close the browser tab, all of your chat data is lost and is not saved locally. Overall, using Telegram on the web is about the same as using desktop or mobile apps.

If you use Telegram for important chats, check out the best tips for using it safely and securely. This will make your experience better.

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