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There Are 5 Reasons Why Websites Rank High on Google without SEO

Not all websites are equivalent. There are websites that continue to keep a high page rank on Google despite not being optimized for search engines and lacking sufficient backlinks.

If you have personally encountered such cases and have been perplexed as to why they are succeeding despite the seeming lack of effort, the following seven criteria may explain their success.

1. High Click-Through Rates

What Is Click-Through Rate & Why CTR Is Important

Google’s algorithm considers the click-through rate (CTR) of each web page, which is the number of clicks it receives relative to the total number of persons searching for a specific term or keyword. The greater the CTR, the greater your page’s ranking relative to competing sites. Since Google has concluded that your listing is significant, it will grant you a prominent position on its search engine results page.

Due to the fact that many sites produce deceptive site descriptions in an effort to increase site clicks, a high CTR alone would not guarantee your page a good position. Google also considers a site’s bounce rate, or the percentage of visitors that leave a page by clicking the back button to return to the search results page.

For example, if Google directs 5,000 viewers to one of your web pages and they all depart within a few seconds, your page’s relevancy would decrease. A significant number of these non-optimized websites have a good CTR and a low bounce rate.

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2. Website and Domain Age

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It has been found that the majority of high-ranking websites are at least two years old. Even if it has the necessary amount of backlinks and appropriate content, a brand-new website will not rank higher than an older, more established one.

Patience is an excellent virtue to possess if you have a brand-new website. Concentrate your efforts on optimising your website with SEO best practises. As the domain and website develop, you’ll observe an increase in search traffic.

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3. It Has Relevant High Quality Backlinks

How to Build High-Quality Backlinks To Become Seen By the Masses | by Will  Lawson | The Startup | Medium

Google is no longer impressed by the number of backlinks a website possesses; it now prioritises quality. Relevance and authority are two of the factors used to assess websites.

Non-optimized websites that rank well may have backlinks that direct visitors to the appropriate web pages. Even if a website has only a few hyperlinks, it makes no difference. If these links are from established or authoritative sites extensions, Google will prioritise them.

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4. High-Quality Content

What is High Quality Content and How do you Create it? | Brandpoint Blog

Google may now analyse a website’s content and compare it to those of other pages within the same vertical, thanks to recent improvements. Google can now assess whether a website contains duplicate material or none at all.

It is beneficial to ensure that the material you publish is well-written, pertinent, and useful to your audience. In the long run, you will be able to outrank competition if your website is worth reading.

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5. Site Links Are Growing at A Steady Rate

Writing high-quality content and building a large number of backlinks is a surefire approach to achieve a high Google ranking. Google is able to determine if a website’s growth is natural or if it is too rapid to be real. As a result, it is likely that many older sites will have a higher rating than younger sites whose links appear to be created. Due to their “natural” growth, many older websites rank highly, as opposed to those whose growth appears “unnatural.”

There will always be websites with high rankings that are not search engine optimised. The combination of the aforementioned qualities has enabled them to perform admirably, and sometimes even better than their more brilliant opponents. Imagine how much better they would perform if they incorporated optimization!

Concentrate on generating the greatest possible version of your website. In the end, it will all boil down to having a platform that provides your target market with the greatest products and services.

After demonstrating its usefulness, consumers will return to your website for more.


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