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What Does “KMS” Mean on Snapchat?

The most difficult thing about Snapchat slang is that there is no full dictionary for it. I might be putting one together, joking! Some are well-known and work on more than one platform, while others can be hard to figure out. KMS is a good one that can make you scratch your head.

Learn more about “KMS” and how to use it on Snapchat by reading on it. You may not have known that the term has other meanings.

What Is ‘KMS’?

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The letters “KMS” stand for “kill me.” For example, a Snapchat user can text you “KMS” to tell you they don’t like what you’re posting or that they don’t agree with it. It is a response to bad things that have happened.

The main goal of the term is to make feelings stronger. It’s like a small kid throwing a fit because they want more attention. Of course, it’s used in a lighthearted way a lot. But if someone really says it, they need more help right away.

When you text someone “KMS,” you mean that something is wrong or upsetting. What they say or write can be really annoying. But sometimes people use it because they are small-minded and want to find problems where there aren’t any.

It might be easy to figure out what ‘KMS’ means in other contexts on Snapchat. But it’s hard to get the usual one to say, “I want to kill myself.” It would be easy for anyone to say that it is short for kilometers. That’s right!

But on Snapchat, it means something different. Depending on what you are talking about, you can still use it to mean kilometers.

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How Is ‘KMS’ Used?

“KMS” can be used even in one-on-one conversations, like those you might have online. It is a way to show how disgusted, annoyed, or unhappy you are with someone or something. It shows that you don’t want to see more of this kind of material.

You can say “KMS” in response to any information or material that makes you feel uncomfortable. It can lead to more talk if the other person is interested. Or, if they don’t feel safe, it could end.

When To Use ‘KMS’ on Snapchat

“KMS” is a dramatic word that shows how much you care about something. It’s going too far. Here are some ways to use the abbreviation on Snapchat:

  • When showing fake anger to your friend or partner on Snapchat.
  • On severe fronts, it can be a suicide threat or a way of expressing sadness, depression, or disgust.
  • An exaggeration of your ire feelings.
  • If you want to overreact to unfavorable situations.

How To Reply When Someone Sends You a ‘KMS’ Text

When someone gives you a message that starts with “KMS,” the first thing you should do is decide how important it is. If they are overreacting in an extreme way, you can calm them down. Type a text, snap, or video to say you’re sorry.

You can use a lot of different ways to talk on Snapchat. You can call them to fix things if they don’t like it. But if the person says they are going to kill themselves, you should help them. It is a sign of sadness or a very serious threat to kill oneself.

Send them to a doctor or counselor. If you can, try to get them to talk to you. Most people say that sharing a problem is half the solution.

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Other Meanings of ‘KMS’

Here are some other meanings for ‘KMS’:

  • Key management systems in computing and software.
  • It is the short form for kilometers.
  • In business terms, it stands for knowledge management systems.
  • KMS is a symbol for potassium metabisulfite in Chemistry.


More people are joining Snapchat, but everyone has a different experience. Some people learn the words quickly, while others take longer. “KMS” is slang that has more than one meaning. But the most common way to say “I’m overreacting” on Snapchat is to say “Kill myself.”

Think about how and when you use it. You don’t want to make alarms go off for no reason.

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