what happened to big chief

Why did Big Chief part ways with Street Outlaws? What went Wrong Between Them?

Big Chief is one of the most notable characters on the television series Street Outlaws. What Happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws is a topic of widespread interest. What Happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws, and Why Is Big Chief No Longer on Street Outlaws? is the topic of this article. To learn more about Big Chief, please read the story in its entirety.

Street Outlaws

The reality television program Street Outlaws airs in the United States. The series debuted on Discovery Channel on June 10, 2013. The thirteenth season of the series will premiere on April 1, 2019. There have been thirteen seasons and 105 episodes in total. Each episode is created by Pilgrim Studios and runs for a duration of 41 minutes. The show’s original network was Discovery Channel.

What Happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws?

what happened to big chief

He may have decided to step away from season 4 in order to spend more time with his family and in his studio. We are uncertain as to whether he will return to the franchise. He has confirmed that he was filming for America’s List season two.

It has been confirmed that he will return to the show. He wrote, “Thank you to everyone who has supported our new YouTube endeavor here and elsewhere!!! You guys are the absolute best! The crow should be operational by the end of the day and tested on asphalt this weekend “the fourth of November Also stated: “In 11 days, production will begin on the [second] season of America’s List.

Shortly thereafter, a monumental announcement will be made on probably the craziest event in Street Outlaw’s history!!! We will be prepared!!! Buckle up! Things are about to become outrageous!!!”

However, other reports indicate that Justin, Jackie, and Precious Day engaged in conflict prior to the first racing night. Following this argument, Big Chief chose to depart. The news was unexpected, especially considering that Justin was one of the reasons America’s list was initially made green. However, we are unaware of the true circumstances surrounding Big chief’s departure.

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Why Is Big Chief Not on Street Outlaws Anymore?

A new season of Street Outlaws entitled Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings has been released. Throughout the four seasons, various cast members have returned, however this season, Big Chief will not. Big Chief’s real name is Justin Shearer, and he did not appear in the most recent season.

Fans were perplexed by his absence during the most recent season of Street Outlaws, considering he is a significant cast member. Before production for the season began, he commented on Instagram about his preparations for the show. No formal reason has been given for his departure from the show. He and Discovery have not commented on why he is not on the show.

It appears that he has continued to be involved with the franchise. His Instagram bio still references Street Outlaws, so he has not completely removed himself from the season. However, this is not the first time he has left the programme. He has taken time off in the past to spend with his family.

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Justin Shearer (big Chief)

what happened to big chief


Justin Shearer is an actor. H is well-known for his skillful performances in the 2021 film Street Outlaws: America’s List, the 2010 film Seratonin, and the 2013 film Street Outlaws. Additionally, he is 42 years old and a professional racer. He belongs to team 405. He began driving at the age of 10. His interest in racing led him to pursue a second career in television.

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