When Will Call of Duty be on Nintendo Switch

When Will Call of Duty Be on Nintendo Switch?

As part of a new deal between Microsoft and Nintendo, Call of Duty will be coming to Nintendo consoles. But when will it come to the Nintendo Switch?

Last week, Microsoft said that they had signed a binding 10-year contract with Nintendo to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo players on the same day as Xbox players. As part of the deal, Nintendo players will be able to play Call of Duty “just like gamers on Xbox and PlayStation do.”

Call of Duty fans were happy to hear the news, since the last game for Nintendo consoles was Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Wii U, which came out in 2013. Since then, Call of Duty games have not been on the platform. This includes the popular free-to-play battle royale game Warzone.

So, now that this new deal is in place, when can we expect Call of Duty to come back to Nintendo consoles, and the Nintendo Switch in particular?

Is Call of Duty coming to Nintendo Switch?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are already out, but Microsoft hasn’t said if they will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Still, the second one probably has a better chance of getting a port.

As for the future of the series, if Activision releases the rumored Call of Duty 2024, Nintendo players could probably expect it to come to the Nintendo Switch.

At the time this was written, however, neither Activision nor Nintendo had said for sure which Call of Duty game would be the first to bring the franchise back to Nintendo consoles.

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Can you play Call of Duty on Switch?

This desire grew stronger when it was announced that Microsoft and Nintendo had agreed to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo devices for the next 10 years. When Smith confirmed the news on February 21, 2023, the deal became official.

We have now signed a legally binding contract for 10 years to bring Xbox games to Nintendo’s players. This is part of our plan to make Xbox games and Activision games like Call of Duty available on more platforms and to more players. pic.twitter.com/JmO0hzw1BO

“Microsoft and Nintendo have now negotiated and signed a legally binding 10-year contract to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo players on the same day as Xbox, with full feature and content parity,” Smith said.

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This means that Nintendo players will be able to enjoy Call of Duty just as much as Xbox and PlayStation players do. “We are committed to giving other gaming platforms the same access to Call of Duty over the long term. This will give more players more options and make the gaming market more competitive.”

Now that the deal is done, there is a new question: how well will the Switch run the newest Call of Duty games? It’s likely that the game will have to be played through the cloud, like Control, Hitman 3, and other next-gen games on Switch.

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