Windows 11 Might Bring Tabs to Microsoft's Humble NotePad

Windows 11 Might Bring Tabs to Microsoft’s Humble NotePad

Shortly after the release of Windows 11, Microsoft made significant changes to the Notepad application, which had remained largely unchanged since Windows 95. According to a leak from a top Microsoft product manager uncovered by The Verge, the company may be delivering an even larger feature. The individual tweeted, “Notepad in Windows 11 now includes tabs!” before deleting the tweet few minutes later.

The screenshot in the tweet depicts two tabs along with the message “confidential, do not discuss features or take screenshots.” This warning was clearly ineffective, but the screenshot implies that tabs are under testing and may be available to Windows Insiders in the future.

Given how reliant we all are on tabs in web browsers, it is surprising that they are not more prevalent in other apps. Earlier this year, Microsoft added this functionality to File Explorer on Windows 11 to assist limit the spread across displays when looking for or copying files. Several years ago, the company tested tabs for Windows 10 applications, but ultimately abandoned the initiative.

Microsoft's humble NotePad might be getting tabs in Windows 11

Notepad is, to say the least, an old application, having been introduced in 1983 to assist Microsoft in promoting the use of a mouse in MS-DOS. Given that it’s essentially the same plain text editor it was twenty years ago, it’s remarkable that it’s still so popular. If you use Notepad so frequently that you require tabs, my hat is off to you; however, this feature is only a rumour until it is released.

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