10 Best YOPmail Alternatives

The acronym YOPmail stands for “Your Own Protection Mail.” It’s a free, temporary, disposable email service that can be used to assist safeguard your internet privacy.

You don’t need to share your work email address with anyone if you use YOPmail because it will be inundated with spam. Also, since no personal information is required, you can maintain a respectable level of anonymity.

YOPmail can be used to create several accounts on websites that demand email confirmation, such as social networking sites, discussion forums, and offers of free stuff in exchange for email list subscriptions.

YOPmail is truly an oxymoron because it gives you security and privacy without requiring any passwords or registration. That is an oxymoron, why?

You’re entrusting a third party with access to your email account and all of your sent and received messages.

Eight days is a long time when your emails are being forwarded to a third party, since readers of the RSS solution could figure out the alias email and read your emails. For only this one reason, YOPmail is not the best option for you if you want to maintain your anonymity.

Several services with better privacy protection offer temporary, disposable email addresses. Here is a ranking of the top YOPmail substitutes.

Top Alternatives to YOPmail

1. Mailinator

Using the free email service Mailinator, you may make one-time-use inboxes.

You won’t need to disclose your actual email address in order to use any inbox you want. Even without needing to create numerous email accounts, you can utilise it to register for multiple services at once.

You also don’t have to worry about the emails taking up space on your computer because all of the emails you get in your Mailinator inboxes are destroyed automatically after a short period of time.

Mailinator is far more secure because YOPmail takes eight days to erase inboxes.

This temporary email generator outperforms YOPmail thanks to the bigger Mailinator complex.

With Mailinator, process testing for SMS and emails is unmatched. Without the requirement for private email servers, developers and testers may use it to quickly assess how their application handles email.

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2. 10 Minute Mail

For those times when you require an email address but only for a short while, 10 Minute Mail is fantastic.

This service provides ten-minute-long temporary email accounts. These temporary emails are ideal for using when you register for websites or services that you wouldn’t normally trust with your work email address.

Also, it can help you keep spam out of your inbox.

Fifteen minutes is a lot less time than the eight days that YOPmail addresses need to be expired. Given that it also provides a free image metadata cleaner, it is a superior substitute for YOPmail.

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Discover the finest alternatives to 10 Minute Mail in this post.

3. Temp Mail

By giving you temporary email addresses that expire after usage, TempMailGen blocks all spam and malware sent to your primary email account.

It functions exactly like YOPmail and even provides temporary SMS numbers. Users of Temp Mail are not need to register in order to use it, and it can be used to:

YOPmail and Temp Mail are comparable, yet they differ in some significant ways. Every ten seconds, Temp Mail automatically generates temporary email addresses.


You can sign in to websites or apps using the QR code feature without having to write in your email address, which is another really useful feature.

Furthermore helpful are the refresh and delete buttons, which allow you to rapidly get rid of spam.

4. Tempail

Temporary, disposable email addresses are offered by Tempail. The emails are only accessible by the recipient and expire after an hour.

It auto-generates a throwaway email account for you upon visiting on their website. Every ten seconds, the email is updated, and pressing the refresh button lets you create a new one. Use your domain name as well.

Users of YOPmail find the automation less convenient than those of Tempail.

Similar to YOPmail, Tempail is free to use with no limitations on how often you can use it. It is an excellent option because it includes QR code technology and enables mobile device use.

Because it provides a blog area with useful advice on how to stay safe online, Tempail stands out.

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5. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail offers consumers a one-time use email account and is a free web-based temporary email service. By making a special email address to use for signups and other instances where you don’t want to expose your real email address, you can utilise it to preserve your privacy.

This programme creates a fresh email account for you to use every ten seconds. To make it more difficult to guess, you can additionally jumble the address.

Since its launch in 2006, Guerrilla Mail has been used by millions of people all around the world. A group of volunteers labour to maintain the service functioning and deliver the service.

Guerrilla Mail is wonderful since you can use it without setting up an account. Your inbox will be totally anonymous as a result.

Guerrilla Mail is a great alternative to YOPmail because it deletes read inbox messages instantly in an hour as opposed to YOP’s eight-day turnaround time.

The option to set a time limit on how long an email address can be used is one of the capabilities of Guerrilla Mail that YOPmail lacks.

Guerrilla Mail’s front-end interface is written in PHP and JavaScript, and Go Guerrilla and Nginx support its uptime.

6. Mohmal

Free email service Mohmal offers momentary, reusable email addresses. It aids users in maintaining their privacy and prevents the spamming of important email addresses.

When you don’t want to use your primary email address, it is also helpful when registering for websites or services that require an email address.

The web-based application Mohmal doesn’t need to be installed or registered. Users don’t need to enter any personal information to quickly obtain a fresh, temporary email account that they may use right away.

Because Mohmal’s inboxes self-destruct significantly quicker than YOPmail’s, it is a good alternative (25 minutes vs. eight days.)

Due to its ability to receive attachments like photographs and other images, Mohmal surpasses YOPmail.

7. Dispostable

A throwaway email service is available online. You can receive and respond to emails using the temporary, self-destructing email address that is provided.

With more than 85% of the user interface being empty space, this online application is too basic. Dispostable is easy to use and has clear instructions. Simply add the @dispostable.com suffix to any email address you choose.

You won’t have to register or log in to use this service, similar to YOPmail. No one can identify the email as being yours, giving you a remarkable amount of anonymity. Cookies and incognito browsers are always an option, and sophisticated cyber tracking can still give away some information about your identity.

Dispostable’s ability to mask your genuine email address is its charm. For a one-time signup, the majority of social networks and other websites ask for your email so they may keep sending you unsolicited emails.

Dispostable is a fantastic substitute for YOPmail because it is free. Every message that has been read vanishes after two days, making it more secure. Also, since it keeps unopened messages for two months, it is more considerate.

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8. Email on Deck

Given that it functions similarly to YOPmail, Email on Deck is another fantastic choice. It also gives you access to a momentary inbox that closes after a set period of time. Also, you can decide how long the inbox should remain open.

Because it allows you a little more customisation than YOPmail, Email on Deck is fantastic. You can decide to have your email address take the format [email protected], for instance. If you wish to create many accounts on the same website and need to keep track of them, it can be helpful.

Because it has a nicer interface than YOPmail, Email on Deck is also more user-friendly. Overall, it is a fantastic replacement for YOPmail.

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9. Nada Temporary Mail

Nada Communications offers a free web-based email service called Nada. It shields your main email from spam and gives you a temporary email address for online service registration.

This YOPmail substitute comes from Air Mail and manages your inbox in an intriguing way. Nada won’t continuously deleting your incoming messages after a predetermined amount of time and will instead produce a random email address for you.

You decide when to check your inbox for new messages and when to delete any that you’ve already received.

All of your inbox messages are deleted by YOPmail after eight days, whether you have seen them or not. Nada, on the other hand, keeps your messages on file until you actively erase them.

Nada is a great choice if you want a short-term email service that will preserve your communications for a while.

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10. Maildrop

Your email inbox is protected from spam and clutter by Maildrop. You are also given a temporary email account that you can use to register for short-term website services.

This commercial mail receiving service is open-source, and it only makes money from voluntary donations and adverts placed on its website. Since you don’t need to register with Maildrop to use them, the throwaway addresses it helps you create are anonymous.

Because of its strong spam filtering capabilities, Maildrop outperforms YOPmail. Additionally, it has more features, including the following:

The message subjects are not compared to a spam database by YOPmail.

Because Maildrop deletes an inbox if it doesn’t get a message after 24 hours, it’s a great substitute for YOPmail. YOPmail, on the other hand, only keeps your communications for eight days, and anyone who can figure out your address can view all of your previous correspondence.

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