10 Best Zippyshare Alternatives For File Hosting And Sharing

You will learn on this site that mass file hosting is not a hard job. There are many places on the internet where you can store and take care of your big files.

So, if you have trouble with the number of gigabytes and, of course, your wallet, you will have to dig deeper and find those shiny places that offer free file sharing. Because of this, this list was made just for you.

1. Mediafire


Mediafire has been around for a long time, so you may remember it well. It was a long-term choice for many years for uploading and hosting lots of different files for many different uses (if you know what I mean).

Mediafire is a safe host where you can put up to 10GB of files for free and share them with anyone you want. Files can be of any kind, but if you try to send something illegal, you could get reported, and the files and your account could be taken away. It happens a lot when people download songs or TV shows illegally.

There is also the chance of a paid account that gives you more space to upload and faster downloads. Each file can be up to 4GB, which makes it a great way to share large files.

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2. SaberCatHost


SaberCatHost is the best hosting website for the last season (18/19) because it has a great website design and an even better name.

The free version of the site only gives you 5GB of free space, but the premium version gives you 10, and the business model, which is the biggest choice, gives you up to 30GB. For a single person, it will be hard to find a website that gives you more than that.

It’s easy to use and has some useful features, like telling you how many files are downloaded and how fast, and making an account is simple. It also has some interesting features, like giving you money for uploading and sharing your files.

It works great on both computers and phones, and it’s a really great service.

3. 4Shared


4Shared has been around for a long time and is likely one of the first companies to offer file sharing. It is still around to tell the stories of the past. If you are a bit older, you may remember it as a place where you could get MP3 files and maybe even texts in the past.

Even though it’s a little slower than some of the other sites on these lists, the website still works pretty well and is probably one of the best of its kind. Why? Because you can not only host and share but also look for things. You can look for anything on the internet, and if it’s there, you can download it.

It gives you a lot of room to upload (around 10GB), and even though it gets over 2.5 million visitors a month, it still stands tall in the world of hosting.

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4. FileFactory


FileFactory has also been around for a long time, almost 15 years. Before, it was easy to use and private, but now you have to sign up for an account, which is how most hosting sites work.

Here, you’ll have about 10GB of free room that’s good enough for free use. With this service, you’ll be able to send and share a huge 5GB file. Not to be brushed off.

5. WeTransfer

WeTransfer has also been around for a long time and keeps doing the same things. It is a simple and useful service that lets you share a single file of up to 2GB for a long time.

At some point, the file will be gone, and the link will no longer work. WeTransfer was very popular with people who share files without permission, so it is still used for that reason.

If you don’t count Google, Apple, and Dropbox, it is one of the most popular sites, with over 10 million people landing on it every month.

6. Filehosting


Just like its name, it is simple, clean, and to the point. Filehosting was a website that didn’t require you to have an account, didn’t have a premium membership, and didn’t care about your file limit.

After you post a file, the link to it won’t be on the website anymore. You’ll get the link in your email, and with that link, you can share it with other people. The links aren’t steady, and they stop working at odd times. Some stay for a long time, but some are taken down quickly even though they are not controversial.

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7. 2Shared


Don’t worry, this isn’t just half of the 4Shared website! This is a simple website that works well if all you want to do is post and share.

You will have about 2GB of free storage to add a single file, and then you will get a link to share with whomever you want. Make sure the link is not against the law, or it will be taken down right away.

8. FileDropper


FileDropper, whose image is a dripping faucet in a sink, is a big hit with a lot of people. You will get some extra benefits on top of its clever design and great service for dropping data into a big cloud of digital information.

You can send files up to 5GB in size, which is a good amount of data, but you have to sign up for the website itself. The website works well and quickly, so you’ll have a good time using it.

9. DropSend

Even though DropSend is really limited as a free choice, it still lets you do something that you can’t do with the other free hosts.

With a free DropSend account, you can only send 5 files per month, but each file can be up to 8GB in size. This is the largest file size of any free sharing service on the internet.

The website is clean and hasn’t changed at all since it first became popular. You can walk through it without much trouble. This is a great choice for storing and sending large files.

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10. TinyUpload


TinyUpload is a totally different kind of storage service than DropSend. You can only post files up to 50MB in size, but the website is clean and quick, and it’s a great place to share documents, books, small music files, or images.

There is no limit to how much you can host, and the files stay around forever, which is great for hosting plans that last a long time. Even though it’s small, it has some good points.


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