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How Does Blac Chyna Look Before Plastic Surgery?

Angela Renée White, better known by her stage name Blac Chyna, was born on May 11, 1988. She is an American model, rapper, and businesswoman. Due to her many appearances in hip-hop music videos, she is known as a “video vixen.”

As a result of her performance as a stunt double in Kanye West and Drake’s song “Miss Me,” Chyna received more media exposure, resulting in appearances in publications such as Dimepiece, Straight Stuntin, and Black Men’s Magazine.

Chyna’s reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, aired from 2014 to 2018. Moreover, she is best known for her roles on Rob & Chyna (2016) and The Real Blac Chyna (2017). (2019).

In 2014, she founded Lashed by Blac Chyna, a make-up salon in Encino, Los Angeles. Due to her performance on Drake’s song “Miss Me” from the same year, she received increased media exposure and was published in publications such as Dimepiece, Straight Stuntin, and Black Men’s Magazine.

Before and After Blac Chyna’s Plastic Surgery

Blac Chyna Before & After

After comparing Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) since 2010, many admirers believe that the spotlight and fame have influenced her to the point where she has undergone considerable plastic surgery to achieve physical perfection.

Since 2010, when she was a regular employee and went by the name Angela, Blac Chyna’s accusations have been circulating, despite the fact that she is currently making the rounds for her before-and-after cosmetic procedures.

On The Wendy Williams Show in 2019, Blac confessed she had liposuction and had her breasts worked on four times every year.

Many others claim that Blac initially desired breast augmentation surgery but ultimately thought she was too huge and sought a breast reduction. Blac has merely admitted that she undergone breast reduction surgery.

She also admits to undergoing butt lipo because it became excessive after the birth of her daughter Dream Kardashian, whom she shares with her ex-husband Rob Kardashian (@robkardashianofficial.

Liposuction is a medical procedure that employs suction to remove fat from specific areas of the body. At this time, it was claimed that the holes in Chyna’s cheeks had been fixed.

In addition, Blac’s followers are ready to pass judgement, claiming that she has done multiple surgeries, such as cheek and facelifts, lip and eyelid fillers, and eyelid lifts. Chyna’s cheeks look to have gotten fuller, most likely as a result of injectable fillers, given that she has undergone numerous surgical procedures since 2010.

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Dr. Peter Capizzi could not deny that Blac underwent eyelid reconstruction in 2017 because eyelid reconstruction continues to enhance Blac’s appearance. An NYC surgeon asserts that “Chyna’s current appearance appears to be the result of her new appearances” and that she underwent lip filler in the same year as her new appearances.

Blac Chyna Before & After

Balc has never accepted or denied any allegations of plastic surgery, although claiming to have performed innumerable procedures.

She appears to be a major fan of makeovers based on her Instagram and other media posts, as she changes her appearance daily for the cameras. “I’m a tremendous fan!” tweeted one of Blac’s Twitter followers. “It is reasonable to say that all of Blac Chyna’s cosmetic operations served her well. The pity is that she was a natural villain prior to this.”

We can only hope that Blac’s capacity to thrive in the spotlight and become more glamorous with each passing day continues to impress the general audience.

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Blac Chyna’s Lawsuit Against the Kardashians Over ‘Rob & Chyna’

Blac Chyna Before & After

On April 18, jury selection began in Blac Chyna’s trial against the Kardashian family. Blac Chyna sued her ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian and his family in 2017 for allegedly damaging her brand.

The 2016 season of the E! reality series Rob and Chyna was cancelled, and Blac Chyna is now suing for more than $100 million in damages.

After only three months of dating, Rob and Chyna Kardashian became engaged. The couple’s five-year-old daughter, Dream Kardashian, was born in November 2016. A month later, the pair broke up. In October 2017, Chyna filed a slander lawsuit against Rob and his family.

Blac Chyna’s assertion that the Kardashians were involved in the Rob & Chyna reality show led to its cancellation. As reported by Glamour, Rob allegedly released naked photographs of Blac Chyna online before the show’s cancellation was made public.

On Monday, April 18, jury selection concluded and the trial commenced. The family’s attorney stated in court records acquired by People that Chyna has offered “no factual evidence, economic analysis, or expert testimony.”

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