10 incredible smartphone apps Indians are using. Are you?

10 incredible smartphone apps Indians are using. Are you?

Smartphones and smartphone apps are conducive. If one owns smartphone, smartphone apps are indeed present. Moreover, new technologies always fascinate Indians. But, have you ever thought of a report? A report containing the list of apps Indians use the most.

Well yes, there is a report from Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers on the internet trends. Internet usage has increased drastically while the smartphone subscribers have also thrived. India is one of the largest consumer in the global village. It is also set to bag the third position in consumption. Thanks to the heaping population. Boston consulting Group report suggests India is all set to become third largest consumer economy by 2025.

India’s consumer market is poised for fundamental change – said Nimisha Jain, BCG partner.

Furthermore, introduction of Reliance Jio has helped increase the internet usage. It also added to data speed. High speed data at low cost. Isn’t that what everyone wish for?

internet usage by Indians
Mary Meeker at code conference revealing her 2017 report on internet trends

Now, this high speed data has enabled Indians to install smartphone apps readily available both on android and iOS platforms. It is almost verified by Mary Meeker’s report 2017 on internet trends.

Key Highlights of the report

  • Internet user numbers grew more than 28 percent in 2016 (mid-year figures) to 355 million users. Thus, second to China.
  • India’s internet penetration is still at 27 per cent.
  • Number one global market for time spent on Android.
  • In India, the mobile web traffic is 80 per cent, which is well above the global average.

    smartphone apps indians use
    World Internet Traffic.  Courtesy – KPCB

The report suggests top 10 downloaded apps by Indians. So without further ado, lets have a look at them.

Top 10 smartphone apps

1. Whatsapp – messaging

The prime messaging smartphone app with origin in USA tolls the first position in the trend. While this instant messaging app took a storm in the virtual world, it is also subsidized by Facebook in 2014. As per the report, it is the top downloaded app by Indians. Whats-app also has 200 million active users in India.

A survey by statista suggests that 16.69% of Indians accessed social networks. The estimated gain is 18.32% by 2019.

2. Facebook messenger – messaging

Messenger app

It is a messaging platform, developed by Facebook in USA. Opposite to the popularity of whats-app, messenger still managed to secure a position. In 2017, there were 158.2 million users. But, estimation suggests an addition of 23 million to the user base. Globally, messenger had 600 million users. Now, messenger probably will acquire more with massive development and constant up gradation.

The latest being “world effects” lets user add 3D augmented reality into the pictures. Thus, closing gap with snapchat.

But, are you still using the previous version? Then it is time to update and enjoy new features.

3. Shareit – file transfer

SHAREit – file transfer utility app

Sharing files, photos and videos with peers is fun, but sometimes sharing important files become hectic. That’s when SHAREit saves the day. A Chinese utility app is noteworthy with its ergonomic features and easy sharing. It mainly uses the hotspot and wifi connections of the devices and helps in file sharing. The app has relevant presence in play store. Maybe the best file sharing app for android.

The number of active users stands almost at 400 million. Yet, the Chinese app developer emphasize on versions and revisions. It has undergone some latest improvements namely:

  • Since this version the “Like” function has been implemented – users can now “Like” the videos and photos they watch with the SHAREit’s media player.
  • Users can now share the videos they watch on SHAREit with friends.
  • SHAREit 4.0.58 improves the smoothness of its built-in media player playback.

4. Truecaller – dialer

TrueCaller- caller id app

Next up is the Swedish-based dialer smartphone app Truecaller. True Software Scandinavia AB finds contact details globally given name or telephone number, and has an integrated caller ID service. In addition to that, it also has functionality to block calls. Now, spam calls wouldn’t bother us. While Truecaller is headquartered in Sweden, India is still the biggest market for the app. The freeware is relevant on android and iOS platform. Truecaller is updating and will settle for no less than acquiring a huge chunk of the Indian Market. The app also has flash messaging capability during a distress. So, is this app on smartphone yet?

5. Facebook – social

The Facebook logo

Surprise! Surprise! But its not a surprise at all. If only Facebook were a country. The social media and social networking service originated in USA by a Harvard dropout. And its popularity is no less. Everyone is aware about the news they make (and some they flash). Indians are big fan of this app either through their PCs or their smartphones. In fact, India forms the largest user base for FB at 241 million surpassing the U.S. But, are you one of them who don’t have this app installed on your smartphone?

If not, it should. Hence, visit the google playstore and install the app.

6. UC browser – browser

UC Browser logo

Another Chinese smartphone app bombarding the top charts in downloads – UC Browser. Owned by Alibaba, the app is almost available on every platforms. Though the market share has steadily decreased over the year, the app has as much as 130 million active users in India. And it has toppled Opera browser in the year 2013. Now, the main hurdle before the Chinese browser is the adaptability to changes and compete with chrome.

7. MX player – video player

What could interest a smartphone user to turn off the mobile data and watch a movie or video instead? Probably if your net pack has expired. Mx player is developed with same ideology. Because India is all about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.

MX Player pro – The enhanced offline video player

This South Korean based company had almost 63.6 million users till 24 Jan 2018. Later on it was acquired by Times Intrrnet adding much to the user base. The player has developed many features. And the latest pro version is free of cost. So, get offline and enjoy movies and videos on this smartphone app.


8. Hotstar – entertainment

India is also not far away from developing utility apps. Star India is the owner of the app. Apart from netflix and amazon prime videos, Hotstar provides variety of watchable at relatively no cost. But there are certainly some shows that requires a minimal charge. HOTSTAR has been able to acquire more users with its live streaming features of cricket and soccer. Easy to install and readily accessible. Hotstar ranks first in the video streaming segment. It has almost 75 million monthly active users in a counterpoint survey. So, one can enjoy entertainment shows anywhere – bus, train, cab, restaurant, etc. Like anywhere. What are you waiting for then? Install (if you haven’t) and enjoy your favorite shows. Language versatility is the pro of the app. It has various language options apart from English and Hindi, giving a sigh of relief to the regional dialects.

10 smartphone apps Indians are using
Hotstar logo

9. Jio Tv – entertainment

10 smartphone apps Indians are using
Jio Tv app – Solution to the problem of watching TV outside home

Yet another in the list of Indian smartphone apps. Do you regret to miss out on your favorite television show due to office or road congestion? Well, you need not worry if you have this smartphone app. Shrinking television to small handsets but not the entertainment. Jio Tv is the smartphone app for the Indians and by the Indians. This app comes with Reliance Jio connection and a prime membership of INR 99 only. Live streaming of channels is what distinguishes it from Hotstar. Maybe this smartphone app is till now the best platform to watch TV on mobile handsets. Moreover, if one downloads Hotstar from Jio play, the user gets access to Hotstar premium.

10. Facebook Lite – social

10 smartphone apps Indians are using
Facebook for slow connections

Standing last in the list of smartphone apps is the lite version of Facebook. Now, Indians had a trouble time before reliance entered the telecom industry of slow internet connections. Since, India was the biggest market for Facebook after US, Lite version was developed. Specially designed for slow internet connections. Soon, it gained much popularity. Till feb 2017, Facebook lite crossed 200 million monthly active users. But, the user base has declined now. Still it has managed to get featured in Mary Meeker’s report.

So, this was the list of 10 incredible smartphone apps most Indians are using. How many of these are you using?


10 incredible smartphone apps Indians are using. Are you?
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10 incredible smartphone apps Indians are using. Are you?
Many of us use different application software on our mobile phones. Be it android or iOS platform. But, have you ever thought of a report? A report containing the list of apps Indians use the most.
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