5 Ways to Differently Celebrate Festive Season This Year


Hey there! So, what are you planning to do this festive season? Bounce back and forth from work to ‘puja paath’ as usual? But… isn’t that boring?
Take a break from monotony and make the most of this festive season as BulletinXp brings you the perfect guide to celebrate in style.

Give the joy back
During these celebrations, lend your ear and invest your time as several unheard stories are waiting for you to be discovered. Visit Orphan houses and Old Age homes to share smiles and laughter, joy and delight. Talk and interact, teach and learn from people who need your company. In exchange of your time, you will receive love and several memories to cherish.

Explore your city
Set out and discover your city as it gets ready for the festivities. As excitement is palpable, step outside and visit the mystic lanes to soak yourself in the merriment as the city rejoices. Explore it from the lens of a traveler and who knows that you discover a part of your city, which is oblivious to many.

Unleash your Daredevil side
Take a break and rejoice this festive season as you aim to conquer your fears. From paragliding to Kayaking, set out for an adventure that will challenge your limits. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and derive an unequalled satisfaction.

Work for the environment
Modern celebrations and environment have not gone hand in hand. Contribute your bit in spreading awareness about the same and curtail any such action that goes against the environment.

Set aside your gadgets
Last but not the least, at a time when phones and gadgets have become a necessity, it is important to come out of the virtual reality and spend time with your near and dear ones. Sing, dance, play and become one with the euphoria.
Festivities are about celebrations, they are not mere responsibilities that need to be shoved off. Take a break from the crowd and madness, work and overload and give time to yourself.


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