After Togadia Launches AHP , His Former Team VHP Hits Back At Him


Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has said that the new organization of Praveen Togadia is based on rivalry and mockery of the International Hindu Council. VHP said that if the Supreme Court slow down the trial of Ram temple, then all options are open for them. Also, VHP made it clear that it is not acceptable for the mosque to be built next to the Ram temple.

In the meeting of the Central Management Committee of the VHP in Delhi on Monday, issues of Ram Mandir, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Rohingya infiltration were discussed. VHP said that the law made on smuggling of cow slaughter and cow dung should be followed strictly. At the meeting, the resolution was passed that there should be a need for setting up of GorcharĀ Ministry.

VHP executive president Alok Kumar, while targeting the international Hindu Council created by old friend Praveen Togadia, said that the organizations formed on the basis of their ambition, ambition and imitation of any person cannot go much further.

He said that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad relies on working on collective leadership and there will be no major loss to the Vishva Hindu Parish from the arrival of AHP. At the same time, on the question of Togadia’s return home, Alok Kumar said that our doors are always open, come in their hands.

On the question of the construction of the Ram temple, Alok Kumar said that he would wait for Supreme Court’s order but legally opposed the construction of a mosque next to it. He said that this is a matter of land dispute in the eyes of the Supreme Court, and within the cultural boundaries of Ayodhya, it will not allow any mosque to be built, but if anybody makes a mosque outside the Muslim community, then they do not object.

On the coming of the decision, the VHP will adopt the strategy, Alok Kumar said, “We have spoken to the lawyers and they have said that in this case since July, so far all the aspects are in our favour, so the decisions will be taken by the end of the year.” Hope in which we will win. If delayed, we will go to the shelter of our Saints and then whatever strategy of the religion will be decided, the strategy will be further developed.




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