4 fantastic online education apps in India. Are you up?


It has not been long since online education platforms developed in India. Specially for android phones. Long gone are the times when the only schools, institutions and coaching centers impart education. The world has changed. The way of thinking has also enhanced. New apps are bringing school into smartphones. And these smartphone apps are incredible. Maybe these apps won’t feature in the list of incredible smartphone apps. But surely the idea behind them is incredible.

But beyond schooling, there are apps which are tailor-made for learning. And this has indeed created a revolution. A storm in the Indian Education System. There are no restrictions to time. Any student can access any material at any given time.

Furthermore, recently RIL invested around $180 million dollar in education technology company EMBIBE. On Friday, 13th April 2018, RIL tuned into the agreements to invest over the next three years. This is a major breakthrough in the Online Education industry of India. The investment move comes along with the grand initiative by reliance foundation “Education for All“.

Top 4 online education apps in India
Embibe backed by Reliance

List of online education apps

1. Unacademy

online education apps in India
Unacademy education center

A very familiar name. And a very familiar logo as well. This Bengaluru based education technology firm was incorporated in 2015. Almost 10 years ago, there was an idea. A YouTube channel by Gaurav Munjal to impart tutorials on computer graphics. The tutorial received positive responses. And soon it grew to become an organisation after Roman Saini, IAS officer joined in 2013. They have bagged up much investment and the founders were featured in Forbes India 30 under 30 list.

The app is quite user friendly and provide contents on various domains. The contents are audio-visual. This makes the learner to grasp easily. Moreover the video can be streamed back and forth. It enables the student to rewind any part and learn.

The app cater to the ever-growing market, almost every section. Wide variety of subjects are available with video tutorials. So hop into the website and sign in to educate yourself with the audio visual aid. In addition to the range, subjects are available in both Hindi and English medium for the sake of simplicity.

There are even test papers for some of the competitive exams like UPSC, GATE, CAT and others.

2. Byju’s

4 online education apps in India
BYJU’s – The Learning app

Yet another Bengaluru based educational technology firm. Byju Raveendran in 2011 founded the firm and henceforth gained popularity. It caught the attention of students in a large scale. And not only the students but investors too. Chan-Zuckerberg initiative funded the app Think and Learn org. Their flagship product is a smartphone app named BYJU’S-The Learning App that has been available since August 2015. The app is added to the unicorn clubs of India with its exam preparation business as well.

Technology has really helped innovation. Byju’s app is an example of that. Byju’s tapped the digital learning space of India. It has almost captured a large chunk with its unique features. The main focus is on mathematics and science. But what adds to the pro list?

Major reason behind the large scale attention is due to the use of graphics. Visual explanation with modern digital animations is probably the reason behind its popularity. Now, this is the value offering no one can deny or overlook. While The focus was school content, Byju’s also emphasized on exams, especially competitive and professional ones.

There is a whole series of Test series and courses available on the site. Apart from these features, they also have counselling sessions. It seems like Byju’s believed in providing a more in comparative advantage. It is one of the salient feature and a learning supplement as well.

3. Cracku

Bell the CAT. Or rather prepare to bell the CAT. This is the ideology behind this Hyderabad based ed-tech firm. IIT-IIM alumnus started the firm in 2014 with an aim. A vision rather. A vision to come up with a one stop shop for CAT preparation.

4 apps for online education in India
Cracku app – ed-tech and preparation made accessible

Maruti Konduri, co-founder is indeed helping aspirants to crack CAT exam. The app is tailor made to devote ample time to each topics. There are various contents on each of the topics covering almost all the sections. Be it quants, logical reasoning, data interpretation or verbal. One can have as many questions. And not only questions but also the detailed solutions, shortcuts and explanations. It seems students now have freedom to learn and practice without enrolling into hot-shot coaching centers.

Cracku currently offers two products:

  • A practice platform with around 2000 excellent questions categorized by topic and difficulty level./li>
  • A national Mock CAT series, with detailed analysis at a very reasonable price.

Cracku provide to it users a comprehensive question bank. 1200+ questions categorized into 15 topics and 3 difficulty levels, quick-tests and personalized progress tracker. CAT aspirants can also interact directly with IIM Alumni.

Cracku currently have over 2000 registered users and still growing. In conclusion, cracku has joined the club. The club of ed-tech start ups, one should definitely look out for.

4. Embibe

4 apps for online education in India
Embibe.com – Score Higher

Finally, we have arrived at the least known ed-tech firm till now. Till Reliance decided to acquire a noteworthy chunk in share and invest huge. The firm was founded in 2012 and backed by Lightbox and Kalari capital. But it has churned the news milk recently. The USP of the app – it is AI enabled. The app has a dynamic data analytics capability which forms the core competency. So Reliance’s investment is considered a superb strategic move in the decade. Embibe is an online education platform which leverages data analytics to deliver personalized learning outcomes for students.

Embibe team has built an great technology platform focused on delivering personalised learning outcomes in a truly scalable way across all education markets. says Aditi Avasthi, Founder and CEO.

The interface is simple yet the knowledge transfer is enriched. Now how do they do it?

The company uses data analytics and technology to capture student weaknesses. It centers on relevant critical exam performance metrics. These are notably speed, accuracy, time and related factors. Most of all the AI helps the students to manage time and plan attempts with confidence. As a result, students are able to understand their weaknesses. And eventually work on them. The overall experience is quite amazing with interactive website.

So, these are the 4 fantastic apps that have made online education so easy and accessible to Indians. Not only websites, but the smartphone apps provides a platform to learn. Learn, experience and educate. ThereforeA sigh of relief to the students as learning is now fun and accessible at a finger touch.

4 fantastic online education apps in India. Are you up?
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4 fantastic online education apps in India. Are you up?
Reliance invests $180 million in ed-tech company Embibe. But there are other fantastic and ergonomic apps for online education that one must watch out for in the internet. The aid of technology has indeed brought a revolution.
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