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Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, India

For Whom and Known For        

People looking for historic architecture and prevalent art and cultural


Located on a roughly running hill, Aurangabad caves are the twelve rock-cut Buddhist shrines. A true architectural wonder with a deep history is attached to these caves. Beauty of ancient culture lives in this attraction. The Aurangabad Caves were dug out of comparatively soft basalt rock during the 6th and 7th century. Aurangabad caves were carved out of basalt rock during 6th or 7th century. They are described as a “Sensitive remaking of life situated in time   and space span”.

The caves are dedicated to Buddhism and are protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. Known as one of the most spectacular caves in India, Aurangabad caves will take some time for you to visit it completely.  Beautiful surroundings with lush greenery and ancient rock cut caves welcome you to the magnificence of Maharashtra. Most of the attractions of the caves are sculptures of Bodhisatva.

Caves are divided into three separate groups depending on their location as follows:

First group: Cave 1 to Cave 5

Second group:  Cave 6 to Cave 9

Third group: Cave10 to Cave 12

The first two caves have a distance of 500 metres between them and the third one is slightly further on east. They are further also known by their division into three main groups that is western group caves and eastern group caves and a third group which is further the east of the second group.

Other specifications about the caves

Cave 1 is an unfinished Vihara while cave 2 has the shrine of Buddha. Of all the caves, the most famous and well finished cave is the cave 7 for its sculptures. The central shrine and the corridors with regular intervals are carved with various Buddhist God and Goddess. A very beautiful entrance is made at both sides of the shrines. Cave 9 has a sculptured panel showcasing Buddha in nirvana. The rest of the caves of the group 2 are less important before the beauty of these caves due to the incomplete excavations.


Aurangabad Caves is one of the historical sight which can definitely give your eyes a peak of history architecture. It is one of the best tourist place in Maharashtra. The place is so rich with adventures that you definitely need to have a day visit to it. A lot of international tourist traffic is seen at this beauty. Amazement & wonder at the craftsmanship of the great sculptors who worked without the modern implements and cut through the rocks to create such exquisite figures can leave you awestruck. Some of the caves are incomplete which make people wonder whether the inhabitants had to leave them in a hurry due to attack or some other calamity. From the top, a panoramic and breath taking view of city is seen. If you are fond of heritage then you will definitely love this place of attraction. These caves are also considered best for trekking. It show 1st millennium CE Buddhist artwork with god and goddess such as Durga and Ganesha. It is like a premium display of Indian classical art dating back many centuries. The cave temples of Aurangabad are a prime destination of historic importance.


History of Aurangabad caves

Aurangabad Caves are known for the stretch that it covers. Tantric influences are also noticeable in Aurangabad caves. Cave number 6 showcases women with some exotic hairstyles and ornamentation and one can notice that these sculptures are still undamaged after so many years. A huge Buddha figure and an idol of Ganesh are preserved in this cave. Cave number 7 is regarded to be the most interesting as it has the figures of women scantily clad and ornately bejewelled are indicative of the rise of tantric Buddhism during this period.

How to reach within the city

Aurangabad caves are 10 Kms. away from the Aurangabad city. Tourists can get down at Aurangabad city and take a taxi or auto-rickshaw to reach these caves. Local bus services are available. MSRTC operates good bus services for Aurangabad from other cities in the Maharashtra. One can also opt for private buses and taxis. The caves are located nearly 2 km north from Bibi Ka Maqbara in Aurangabad and can be reached by a taxi or bus. A return auto rickshaw from the mausoleum shouldn’t cost more than INR 250 including waiting time. The nearest railway station from Aurangabad caves is Aurangabad Railway Station of the south central railway zone. The caves are around 8-9 Kms. far from the railway station and local buses are there for the visit. Moreover, one can get Aurangabad airport is well connected with other major cities in the Maharashtra and to the other states.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit this attraction is in winter months of November to February because the weather at this time is coolest and dry.

Activities to do at this place

The definite attraction of the Aurangabad caves is its sculptures. They are artificially rock cut. Caves I and III of Aurangabad and last caves of Ajanta co-existed as is apparent from striking parallels.

Eating places at our nearby this attraction

The nearest restaurant from the place can be found in the range of 1.1 Kms. and within a range of 5-6 Kms. a lot of fancy restaurants are there which serves delicious and mouth-watering foods.


Winters are cold and dry, summers can be a bit scorching and monsoons come with an average rainfall.


  1. Be prepared for a steep climb up hundreds of steps to reach the caves.
  2. Make sure to visit all the caves.
  3. It’s a good idea to hire a guide for the explanation of the iconography and details about the caves, including how they were built, etc.
  4. Other necessary information:
  5. Entrance fee:

Indian: INR 10

Foreigner: INR 100

  1. Camera fee: N.A.
  2. Timings (opening and closing): All days of the week (even on the public holidays): 9:00 to 17:00 PM




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