Barkha Dutt Finally Speaks Out Against NDTV


Finally, the anti -Hindu and pro-leftist journalist and media managing editor Barkha Dutta has spoken against her family company NDTV (New Delhi Television Limited) which she served for more than two decades. This outrage reaction has come after 8 months of resigning from the post of Group Editor and her statement has quirked sensationalism once again and given the anti-NDTV brigade a chance to attack the firm and some of them are even considering this as a symbol of  (Ghar waapsi) as they call it and have said that she has gone through a change, which is hard to believe .


Let us see what she said against NDTV 

Barkha Dutt has accused the channel of being a serial guilty party on editing stories. She said that her ouster from the channel was on account of she talked against ‘oversight’ by the channel. Barkha stated, “Can share @nitingokhale and I were rebuffed for talking on oversight of our work:@ndtv was unfriendly to us: we separated. We adhered to our stand.” Her furious upheaval on Twitter came hours after NDTV’s Sreenivasan Jain breathtakingly asserted that his story on Amit Shah’s child had been removed the channel’s site

Responding to her previous partner’s post, Barkha stated, “truly, hacking out stories at NDTV not new. What’s more, I don’t review said ex-associates defending opportunity of the press and announcing when some of battled it. (sic)”

She stated, “I can absolutely discuss my own stories that were hacked out @ndtv-maybe occurs in all newsrooms yet never with this much pompous fake. My PC intvw axed: a story I drove on a Congress fat cat was a major column: @nitingokhale intvw of ex-Navy Chief axed.None of these people talked at that point. (sic)”

Barkha had left NDTV subsequent to being a key piece of the director for a long time in January this year.

NDTV had professedly dropped her meeting with the previous fund serve P Chidambaram in spite of running passages of that select all as the day progressed. The channel had discharged an announcement, however, did not clarify why it dropped the meeting, which was reproachful of the Narendra Modi government on its surgical strikes claims.

She requested that NDTV discharge her ‘hacked out meeting’ of Chidambaram if the dropping of stories was only an ‘abnormality’ as guaranteed by Sreenivasan in his Facebook post.

NDTV was as of late reputed to have been being sold to the originator of SpiceJet, Ajay Singh, the man who helped Modi in the Lok Sabha race crusade in 2014. Despite the fact that, the channel denied the answer to SEBI, senior officials in the channel had affirmed the report.


After this setback financially, politically with the government and other media houses and now their own exes like Barkha Dutt or present employees, NDTV isn’t facing the best of the times and everything is not okay within the firm, a sad or rather disappointing for one of the pioneers of Indian Television Journalism. We can expect the demise or resurrection of the “unpredictable” NDTV soon.









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