CBSE Board Class 12 Results 2018: Overall Statistics


After causing a lot of nail-biting, the CBSE Board Class 12 results are out!

Class 12 CBSE Results declared!
Class 12 CBSE Results declared!

Meghna Srivastava from Ghaziabad topped with 99.8%, a 499/500, closely followed by Anoushka Chandra with 498/500. Seven students with 497/500 stand third. The first and second All India Toppers belong to the Humanities stream.
Out of the 11,86,306 candidates who registered this year for the Class 12 Board exam, 72,599 candidates have scored 90% and above marks.


The girls have outshined the boys yet again, with a pass percentage of 88.31 against the 78.99 percent for boys.

Trivandrum region with 97.32 pass percentage, has topped, Chennai fairing second.
Hearty congratulations to the people who have performed well!
However, for the ones who haven’t scored as well as they thought they would, it’s alright guys. The college certainly matters and you could have gotten into the best college with that another percent, but there is no reason to think that you can’t do well now.

This quote is a clichè for a reason!
This quote is a clichè for a reason!

If you have learnt what the Education system wanted you to learn in the particular class, that is good enough. Discover where your passion lies and move ahead in the direction. If your passion is what you nearly missed because of your marks, there is always a second best or a third where you can learn what your work will require you to know!
Experts around the world are declaring that marks are not an indicator of one’s employability or of how the individual performs at work. Put in all that you have, wherever you go and you are destined to shine, in your own unique manner.
Best wishes to everyone from BulletinXp!

CBSE Board Results 2018: Overall statistics!
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CBSE Board Results 2018: Overall statistics!
CBSE boards results 2018 for class 12 is out. The toppers, girls outshining the boys!
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