Convict Escapes Jail ,Asks Lift From Odder Who Ends Up Being A Cop


A detainee’s escape transformed into an entertaining occasion when he approached an outsider for a lift who ended up being a cop.

As indicated by reports, Allen Lewis was being transported from Greenup County Detention Center when he figured out how to escape by hoodwinking some obligation officers.

Lewis griped his binds were excessively tight, inciting the watchmen to release them. That is when Lewis discovered a chance and fled on foot.However, his getaway plan arrived at a somewhat funny end when he met an outsider at a close-by expressway.

As detailed by The Daily Independent, seek parties were conveyed after Lewis got away from the jail and advanced toward a close-by roadway. He took a stab at halting a few vehicles for a lift, and following a couple of minutes somebody ceased and offered Lewis a ride.

Regrettably, the man ended up being a cop. He saw the binds on Lewis’ wrists and halted his vehicle. After a series of inquiries, the man took Lewis him back to the correctional facility and gave him over to the prison specialists.

“It was a grounds cop. He (Lewis) thought he was getting a ride, and he did,” said Greenup County Jailer Mike Worthington. Worthington included that Lewis is currently back in prison and is probably going to deal with extra indictments for getting away jail.


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