Couple Posing Naked After Climbing Egyptian Pyramid Gets Arrested


Egyptian government authorities were checking out a Danish couple after a video and a photograph surfaced demonstrating them moving to the summit of the Great Khufu Pyramid of Giza and presenting stripped, the media wrote on Saturday.

The three-minute video recorded around evening time, which has mixed shock and contention among Egyptians via web-based networking media, demonstrates parts of the move as a man and a lady scale what gives off an impression of being the Great Pyramid of Giza with the horizon of Cairo out of sight.

When they achieve the best, the video demonstrates the lady removing her shirt and completes with a still picture indicating them in a bare grasp.

Priest of Antiquities Khaled al-Anani alluded the case to the examiner general for examination.

“In respect of what was circled and distributed yesterday evening for a short video film delineating two nonnatives climbing the pyramid during the evening, and after that put an image of them abusing open profound quality, and to discover reality and make the essential move, Minister of Antiquities, D. Khaled al-Anani, chose to quickly allude the instance of the occurrence and the film to the Attorney General to examine the issue,” the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities said in an announcement on Friday.

As indicated by Egypt’s Ahram Online, the video was transferred on YouTube on Wednesday without anyone else portrayed Danish picture taker Andreas Hvid, who posts pictures via web-based networking media of various locales from high vantage focuses the world over, in some cases delineating bareness.

Climbing pyramids is a punishable offence under law in Egypt.


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