Investing in CryptoCurrency | The Weapon Against Fake News & Hate

Crypto Currency

Will Investing in ‘cryptocurrency’ push back against the tide of detest discourse, ‘fake news’ and disruptive legislative issues? Another activity, Ananas Foundation, will attempt.

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  • The UK-based new magnanimous establishment intends to make a stage which works by making a framework that enables individuals from a philosophy to sort out the components that best speak to them over a hyper-social diagram database (made by accomplices GRAKN.AI). These will be nourished into simple to-utilize customer applications, enlarged by AI, and important to an intended interest group.
  • Utilizing a cryptographic money economy in view of its token, the Anacin, they will confirm content on anything they mapped and adjust the premiums of dissimilar, some of the time contending gatherings, to construct the stage and remunerating individuals for doing as such.
  • Essentially, the main execution of this will be centered around battling Islamic fanaticism and Islamophobia, with different religions, societies and even legislative issues mappable on an indistinguishable stage from the individual groups join.

This means clients will be paid to comment on an online adaptation of the Quran (named The Living Quran) with advanced substance and genuine assets, and be paid to do as such. The organizers say:

“Existing Islamic arrangements crash and burn as you frequently simply have interpretations without setting, which abandons them still defenseless against fanatics twisting words and abusing obliviousness. In our first Living Quran buyer confronting application you will have the capacity to see as much setting as you need on any part or topic of the Quran from any point of view, or simply converse with a Muslim set forward by a particular group.”



By what means will this assistance handle fake news & radicalism?

  • Fellow benefactor and CEO Zeena Qureshi says: “Data without setting isn’t learning. Radicals have such a large number of individuals advertising for them on the web. They target powerless, detached people. In the event that these individuals are searching for answers, they have to go to a place where this data is the plot. Things like Charlottesville are occurring in light of the fact that individuals don’t have the data or comprehension. Data nourishes sympathy.”
  • Accordingly, Ananas will issue Anacin, developed to make the non-benefit establishment self-managing while at the same time keeping the end buyer item free, as groups add to the stage by work or financing through a one of a kind sponsorship framework.
  • In their framework, the estimation of Anna coins ascends with the estimation of the stage; circling supply falls, and request develops, with each extra belief system included and group joining. Think Wikipedia, however in the event that every one of the supporters and editors got paid and safe from the confirmed perspective of any settled group.
  • Given over a billion Muslims read the Quran frequently and many individuals are attempting to comprehend whether to be frightful of Muslims, the originator’s trust this could prompt a superior comprehension of the religion and culture. It could likewise stop fanatics like Islamic State controlling the discussion about the translation of the Quran by demonstrating what bunch genuine groups truly think and put stock in an organized, straightforward manner.
  • There is a protected group zone being fabricated where individuals of any religion – or none – can ask and talk about these assets with each other or confirmed individuals from different beliefs and convictions, and be compensated in Anacoin for doing as such. Discuss motivator!
  • At the core of the group behind the establishment is the social tech business person and CEO Qureshi, one of only a handful couple of female pioneers in the blockchain space. She’s joined by support investments supervisor Emad Mostaque who. Additionally joining the board is noticeable hostile to radical promoter Bjørn Ihler who committed himself to the reason subsequent to surviving the 2011 fear monger assault in Norway, and has worked with previous UN head Kofi Annan and establishments, for example, the British Council and the European Union.
  • Ananas is hoping to raise $1,500,000 – a low target with respect to other token deals – in its up and coming pledge drive and token conveyance, oversaw by UK-based moral cryptographic money experts Chainstarter.
  • The underlying subsidizing was given by a select gathering of support stock investments administrators and US business person and donor Tony Robbins, who were worried about the ascent of ideological abhor.


So the cryptocurrency can work out for the betterment of digital human or not only its full-fledged testing and implementation can tell us but in the end, cryptocurrency is the only option against cyber theft, breach of digital trust . online money laundering and what and in this particular situation our only last weapon is the cryptocurrency 



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