Elon Musk ‘s Tweet Battle With Flat Earthers


Elon Musk has a considerable measure to be pleased with in his vocation, however, flushing Flat Earthers could be the best example of overcoming the adversity of his life up until now.

The specialist, designer, speculator, architect and all-around huge bollocks has taken the Flat Earth level-headed discussion to the cleaners in two or three tweets when answering to a post by World and Science.


  • Savage and to the point. You can’t generally contend with that, in spite of the fact that the Flat Earthers have given it a decent go – all things considered, they’re utilized to question the greater part of the histories of science.
  • “Hello there Elon, a debt of gratitude is in order for the inquiry,” answered the Flat Earth Society. “Dissimilar to the Earth, Mars has been seen to be round.”
  • There’s a contention to be made here that the Earth has to be sure be seen to be round, which would influence this Tweet to absolute fucking drivel, however, don’t worry about it. They closed down with a merry ‘expectation you have a phenomenal day’ and that basically is by all accounts that.



  • Considerate as they’ve been here, Flat Earthers like nothing superior to a decent old quarrel about the way that the Earth is a globe. They rather believe that the planet we call home is more similar to a plate with a layer of ice outwardly.
  • Try not to trust us? Permit logical symbol, prophetic master, previous universal England cricketer and pedalo fan Andrew Flintoff to clarify.
  • He as of late said individually podcast on BBC 5 Live: “In case you’re in a helicopter and you float for what reason does the Earth not come to you if it’s round?
  • “Why, in case we’re tearing through space, for what reason would water remain still? Why is it not wobbling? Likewise, on the off chance that you fire a laser around 16 miles, if the world was bent, you shouldn’t have the capacity to see it yet you can.”
  • He included: “The centre is the North Pole, around the outside is the South Pole which resembles a major mass of ice. This is the reason all legislatures now have bases on the South Pole.”
  • That is most likely like requesting that Musk handle an 85mph Flintoff bouncer yet you can’t deny everybody is qualified for an assessment.
  • Nonetheless, it’s likely additionally hard to debate it with Buzz Aldrin – a real space explorer and among the primary men to arrive on the Moon.
  • Aldrin as of late swam into the verbal confrontation with another Flat-Earther in the state of rapper B.o.B, who’s not exactly as quite a bit of a proclaimed researcher as Flintoff, yet is wanting to soon have his PhD (this might be a joke).



Anyway, Musk’s point appears to have caused somewhat of a blend, as, at the season of keeping in touch with, it was moving toward 63,000 preferences. Which side would you say you are on?


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