Did Facebook sell personal data to device makers?


The sparks were still lighting up until it caught fire. Facebook is indeed a bright star. Maybe one of the brightest star in the sky of scandals. Most of which centers around the privacy policy. And the data protection policy. Facebook has been in news for quite a long time. The New York times has alleged the social giant for selling of user’s personal data. To whom? To 60 device makers including Amazon, Apple, Samsung, etc. But did Facebook sell personal data to these device makers?

Well, this is indeed the billion dollar question.

Facebook sells personal data
New York times alleges Facebook to be in partnership with 60 device makers to give users’ personal data

According to New York times, Facebook gave personal data to 60 companies. It came as a shocker to Mark Zuckerberg. Once again, he has to face criticisms. Criticisms revolving around the data handling. The social media giant is facing intense scrutiny from the law makers. Not to forget regulators as well as users. Also, Facebook’s sinking image is a threat. But, an opportunity to its rivals. The media also reports Facebook stuck data-sharing deals over decade. This deals are not between data companies. But the device makers. The smartphone manufacturers and tablet makers are also involved.

The deals granted access of users’ personal data to these device makers. These included users’ relationship status, political leaning, education history and forthcoming events. Furthermore, it involved the access to know about the religion.

Recently there have been many developments in the company. In addition to data handling protocols, there were business turnarounds. Facebook tends to remove the ‘trending’ section. This act is backed by the low revenue generation from the section.

Facebook was also associated with political influencing. Like that of data security breach and Cambridge Analytica. Yet, Mark Zuckerberg apologizes every time. And tries to keep things in control. But Alas! the fate doesn’t favor him.

Facebook sell personal data
Apologising letter by Mark Zuckerberg

The most notable Trump’s victory and Brexit have been done harvesting personal data. Internet regulators surely rose against it. But, both the companies denied that during the scandal.

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Moreover, Facebook is one of the most downloaded apps. The much popularity has brought both fortune and misfortune to the company. But the question still remains if Facebook sell personal data?

Facebook sell personal data – truth or rumor?

Mark Zuckerberg addresses the journalists

It is an alleged report. A report which has pretty much less evidence. The report also suggests that Facebook sell personal data of user’s friends too. But, Facebook officials said that it has prohibited its developers to collect data from user’s friends. Also, they have exempted companies from exploiting the same. But, they have not disclosed their policies with cellphone makers. It is still unknown whether there are definite restrictions. Also, officials did not disclose any exemptions.

But, Facebook needs to be regulated now. After all no one wants to fall into the prey of social engineering. The counterfeits gain access to victim’s private data. The phisher can send an e-mail to the target. And share the information.

Thus, there is a much requirement of regulation. Though Facebook put up a post in their defense late evening. It states their disagreement to the post.

It is still not evident if Facebook sell personal data or not. But, one must be cautious. We are living in the age of technology. Here, nothing is impossible. And no data is safe. It is still necessary to be very cautious. Similar precautions are needed to prevent data breach. Conclusively, The regulators will do their work. Investigating team will find out the truth. But, the users must take care of their accounts.

Users are made to control the technology and not the other way around.



Did Facebook sell personal data to device makers?
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Did Facebook sell personal data to device makers?
Facebook is again in to the hot seat. New York Times alleges Facebook in sharing deal of user's personal data to over 60 companies including Amazon, Apple, etc. But, is that the truth? Or just a rumor? Can Facebook succumb to the changes and charges it's facing now?
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