Famous UK Radio Host Lain Lee Saved Caller’s Life Live!


A famous radio host is being adulated via web-based networking media after he spared a self-destructive guest’s life by keeping him on the telephone for more than thirty minutes until the point when crisis administrations touched base at the area. TalkRadio host Lain Lee was introducing a live program when a man called Chris reached the radio station, announced Indy100,

He disclosed to Lee that he had taken an overdose of pills and was biting the dust in the road. A couple of minutes into the discussion, Chris enlightened Lee regarding his emotions and referenced he had been experiencing a post-awful pressure issue.

Lee figured out how to locate Chris’ correct area and the program maker, Katherine Boyle, reached the crisis administrations for help.

“Reveal to you what, Chris – I don’t need you to bite the dust today around evening time. I have to recognize what road you’re on. I need you to overcome this evening and talk to me tomorrow when you haven’t checked out medications in you. I don’t need you to bite the dust today since I cherish you,” Lee told Chris amid the discussion.

A couple of minutes after the fact, Lee was educated by a cop that Chris was spared and the circumstance was under control. Lee burst into shreds following he hung the call.

Afterward, he took to Twitter to plainly disclose what had happened to Chris.


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