“Fight For The Future Of Your Kids” Delhi CM Kejriwal To Public In Open Letter


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has written an open letter to the people of Delhi. This letter has been mentioned about the demand for full state status for the national capital. In his open letter, Kejriwal has appealed to the people of Delhi to fight for the future of their children.

Kejriwal has written this open letter at a time when he is going to address the issue of workers of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium yesterday (Sunday). After 10 days of natural treatment at an institution in Bangalore, AAP national convener, Kejriwal has returned to Delhi.

Referring to his government’s proposal to accept Delhi’s full position in the Assembly, Kejriwal said that both the Congress and the BJP betrayed the people of Delhi. In a letter given to your official Twitter handle, Kejriwal has said, “Before the elections, the parties promise in their declaration that they will give Delhi the status of a full state, but on this issue, in the last 20 years, Have not done “

Kejriwal said that in spite of choosing a government by the people of Delhi, the Deputy Governor decides the issues related to the welfare of the residents of Delhi. He said that his government has no power, which means that the price of the votes of Delhiites is ‘zero’. He said that this is an insult to the residents of Delhi because they want to install CCTV cameras in the national capital. They want Mohalla Clinic, School and Ration, but the Lieutenant Governor will not let this happen.

Kejriwal alleged that the way the central government is exploiting the people of Delhi, the British did not exploit them as much. He said that every year, the central government charges 13,000 crores as income tax from Delhiites. With this amount, only 325 crores are spent on the development of Delhi. He asked if the people of Delhi will continue the struggle and will remain silent?

Kejriwal advocated giving Delhi the status of the full state that it will ensure 80 per cent reservations for youth in the job. The police will also work under the Delhi Government, which will be responsible for the city’s government.




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