Former BJP Leader & VHP Saint Ram Vilas Vedanti Has The Plan For Ram Mandir


The Ram Temple Nyas and Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s saint Ramvilas Vedanti claim that a temple can be constructed before 2019. They have plans to build a temple but they have not disclosed it. The delay in the construction of the temple in Ayodhya has now started troubling the sadhus and the saints. Saints and saints associated with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Ramjanm Bhumi Trust are now contemplating to adopt the Babri demolition formula once again for the construction of the temple.

Member of Ram Janmabhoomi Trust and former BJP MP Ramvilas Vedanti said that if the decision to make the temple before the year 2019 could not be taken, they have a flexible plan. The manner in which the disputed structure was suddenly demolished, the construction of the temple can also be started overnight.

According to Vedanti, this scheme has been completed and it has got the green signal from the higher level. The idea is that why not, the construction of the temple should be started on the same pattern at which the disputed structure was dropped. However, when and how it will happen, this strategy is not being revealed.


Ram Vilas Vedanti, who has been involved in the leading faces of the Ayodhya movement, has reached the margins today, and is so scurrilous that he is shy of collecting news headlines for the media which does not adorn the senior saint like him.

He has been favoured by PM Modi and CM Yogi, therefore, both want to give a Ram temple issue and present time, but the truth is that he wants to taste pleasure instead of yoga.

He wants to return to the Parliament and in the same process, He is so excited to get a ticket for the MP that he wants to spread the sensation by screaming furiously, thereby putting pressure on Delhi’s power and get him the ticket but Maharaj Vedanti seems to be mentally disturbed. So, when they are not giving any emotion to him, he just doing cheap publicity stunts, poor babaji!The strategy is not announced and if there is anything, then he must reveal so Note that one sensible man is surely not to take this old godman turned madman seriously! Get well soon Maharaj Ramvilas Vedanti Ji !



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