Frog Marriage Promoted by BJP Minister

Frog Marraige in India
Frog Marriage in India

BJP Minister Lalita Yadav made headlines recently in Madhya Pradesh. Frogs were married in Chhatarpur temple, Madhya Pradesh to please the Rain Gods because it is believed that Frog marriage will change the fortune of the people by pleasing the rain gods. The pleased rain gods will ultimately shower the blessings.

Frog Marriage in Assam

Frog Marriage which is also known as Bhekuli Biya ( Bhekuli means frog; and Biya means marriage). It is a mythical marriage between two frogs to please the rain gods during summer in a hope that it will bring monsoon which is good for the agro based activities.

In Assam, locals have faith that the increasing temperature will be vanquished if the rain gods are pleased. The whole process starts when the local Assamese catch two frogs. “We catch two frogs and make them a bride and a groom. We dress up the frogs as the bride and the groom according to rituals. Then the marriage ceremony starts. We believe that if the frog croaks after the marriage, then it will rain” , says one Assamese local. Frogs and the toads have often been ritualistically related to rain. Hence is the faith of the local individuals in the frog marriages. This ritual has also been witnessed in different parts of the country like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra etc. These frog marriage have also been noticed in Bangladesh.

BJP Minister in Madhya Pradesh

Frog Marriage promoted by BJP Minister
Frog Marriage promoted by BJP Minister

Madhya Pradesh Women and Child Development Minister Lalita Yadav recently hosted a frog marriage in Chhatarpur temple. ” In order to please the rain gods, we conduct this marriage ceremony. A frog’s croak acts as a factor in rainfall”, says the BJP minister. Further she adds, “the environment of the area is not happy and thus if facing such acute drought. This ritual will please the gods and will thus maintain balance in the environment. Since we had crop failure for 2 years, I had to take some steps.” Lalita Yadav also believes that the criticism of the opposition calling it a superstition is only to defame the minister as the locals have full faith in the frog marriage.


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