Global Warming through the perspective of different countries


“Protecting the environment should be given priority, even if it causes slower economic growth and some loss of jobs. Global warming is a concern.”

Global Warming is seen as a major problem around the World but countries like US, Russia, and China are actually less concerned. According to a survey majorities in 23 out of 25 countries agree that protecting the environment should be given a priority, even at the cost of slower economic growth and job losses and many people are willing to make sacrifices such as to pay higher prices to address global warming. Among these, the less worried countries are the United States, China, and Russia than among other leading nations. Just 44% in the U.S. and Russia, and even fewer in China (30%) consider global warming to be a very serious problem. By comparison, 68% in France, 65% in Japan, 61% in Spain and 60% in Germany say that is the case. While there is agreement around the world that climate change is a serious problem, there is a much less international consensus as to which country is most trusted to do the right thing on this issue.

Large majorities in every country surveyed believe that global warming is a serious problem, and majorities in 15 of the 25 countries say it is “very serious.” By a wide margin, Brazilians are the most concerned about this issue — nine-in-ten in Brazil say it is a very serious problem. Roughly two-thirds or more rate it as very serious in Argentina (69%), France (68%), South Korea (68%), India (67%), Turkey (65%), Japan (65%) and Mexico (65%). Anxiety about global warming is less pervasive among Israelis (48%), Kenyans (48%), Canadians (47%) and Indonesians (44%). Moreover, concern about global warming is low among the public of some big polluters — including the U.S., Russia, and China. Only about four-in-ten in the U.S. (44%) and Russia (44%) say that global warming is a very serious problem. The Chinese express the least concern — only 30% say it is a very serious problem, up slightly from last year (24%). When asked which country among India, Germany, China, Brazil, Japan, the U.S., and Russia they trust the most to do the right thing in dealing with the problem of global warming. Publics in India and Brazil believe their own country can be trusted to do the right thing in dealing with this environmental issue. A majority of Indians (55%) identify India and 45% of Brazilians name Brazil as the country that can most be trusted to address global warming. In no other countries do majorities or pluralities cite India or Brazil as the most trusted. A majority of Chinese (57%) are not alone in their belief that China is the most trusted country to deal with changes in the global climate as more than four-in-ten (45%) Pakistanis name China as well.



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