Hebbe Falls, Kemmangundi- 7 Things to Know for another Perfect Holiday


Place : Hebbe Falls

At an altitude of 1434 meter, Kemmangundi, Chikkamagaluru district, Kesavinamane, Karnataka

For Whom and Known For

A must for trekkers and wild life enthusiasts.


Hill Station


Between the exotic hill stations at Kemmanagundi there are the beautiful Hebbe Falls. Located 10 Kms away from the famous hill station Kemmanagundi in Karnataka, the place is a perfect site for the solitude seekers.  It is one of the most popular waterfall attraction and is 168 metres in altitude located midst the hills of the Chickmagalur district. It is said to be a summer retreat with splendid valley and majestic surroundings. It plunges cascades down from 250 feet into two stages, Dodda Hebbe (Big Falls) and Chikka Hebbe (Small Falls). The beautiful white, foaming waters which fall on the lake and the green surroundings is something which can take your breath away. The waterfall has a very enchanting view. The area has plenty of coffee plantations. The waterfall provides relaxation to the tourist who visits the waterfall for a get away from their busy and hectic lives since they overwhelm with the stunning sight, as well as a splitting voice. The tourist can also enjoy the dip in the waters infused with herbs. Enriched with minerals, the water stream is also a source of drinking water in the region. It is one of the pristine and eye soothing waterfalls of Karnataka laying amidst high range of Western Ghats and flowing silently through a dense forest.

Things to know about Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls is situated 10 kms away from famous hill station Kemmangundi. One must go by Jeep or by long trek to truly enjoy the magnificence. Besides this tourists can also trek a steep and narrow path of 8 km to reach the site. It is one of the most picturesque tourist destinations in India. After 7-8 Kms. from kemmangundi, there is a view point to Hebbe Falls. This classic is a eulogised natural marvel. Other than this distant lakes and some small villages surrounded by the paddy fields are there in the way to the falls. Like other spring falls in the region, the water stream is believed to cure skin disorders. Enriched with minerals, the water stream is also a source of drinking water in the region. Every bit of this place is sensational and magical. It is drenched in greenery and magical aroma. The main reason of attraction of tourists is the great medicinal quality of the water of Hebbe Falls which is infused with herbs. It is known widely for curing common cold and skin ailments. Taking a bath under the water of the fall is a popular custom.


Attractions of Hebbe Falls

The attraction Hebbe Falls is not to be missed. It is a perfect retreat from the busy city life. On striking a rock, the waterfall diverges into two separate water streams. Among these diverging streams, the smaller one is known as Chikka Hebbe, whereas, the bigger one is known as Dodda Hebbe. Exploring the area is a good idea for tourists. One can go fairly close to the bottom of the falls to the point where the water cascade touches the ground, raising a huge spray. Not only the waterfall but the surroundings are also amazing and are filled with adventures. The journey to the falls, walk in the forest crossing the streams is an enjoyable adventure. The place is breath-taking and soothing to the eyes. Trekking is on the top list of the tourists traveling to Hebbe Falls. On the way of trek don’t forget to miss the small and beautiful temple of Shree Chowdeshwari Mahashakti Devathe.


Best time to visit

The best time to visit Hebbe falls in September to May when you can take advantage of the various flora and fauna nearby Hebbe Falls.


It has a cool and pleasant climate throughout the year.

  • Summer: It starts from March and lasts till May with maximum temperature under 35 degrees.
  • Winter: December to February with a pleasant temperature ranges between 14 degrees and 32 degrees.
  • Monsoon: The duration is June to September. With a heavy rainfall, this attraction becomes more inviting.

How to Reach Hebbe Falls

Tourists can advance to Kemmangundi to reach the waterfalls either by a walk or a four-wheeled vehicle. The waterfall is situated inside Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary which is a tiger reserve. Besides this tourists can also trek a steep and narrow path of 8 km to reach the site. It is well connected with big cities like Bangalore, Hubli, etc. with state-run buses and private luxury buses. The nearest railway station is not in the city and is 40 Kms. away in Kadur. One can take a taxi from Kadur railway station for Chikmagalur while the nearest airport is Mangalore Airport, which is located around 113 km away. A taxi can be hired from the airport for Chikmagalur. The Mangalore Airport is well connected to flights from Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and other major Indian cities. There is no connectivity from Kemmangundi in the night.
Activities to do at this place

You got to trek one km although there is an option for the vehicle as well. Other than this one can opt for an option for trekking the whole way instead of doing a jeep.

Important Information

  1. Operating hours: Monday to Sunday: 06:00 AM to 18:00 PM
  2. Total trip duration (including last few Kms. trek): 3 to 4 hours.
  3. Place Location: Inside Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. The last couple of kms. have to be covered by foot.
  5. Mobile coverage: No


  1. Make sure to take a bath in the herb infused waters.
  2. You won’t get the full-length view from the bottom. So don’t forget to take a view from the height.
  3. Forest trail is not recommended for solo trekkers as it is an offbeat trek with a very high chance of sighting wildlife.
  4. If possible, carry shampoo sachets and wear proper footwear as leach attacks are common in last few Kms. of the way, even if you are traveling in the jeep.
  5. Follow the electric wires that are present for most of the trail.
  6. The way doesn’t contain any shop for food essentials. So, pack food, water and anything else you can’t do without.
  7. Carry an extra pair of clothes if you want to enjoy a freezy dip.



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