Illegal Museum Running In The Name Of Late Cocaine Legend Pablo Escobar Shut Down


An illegal museum in Medellin, Colombia, which exhibited the life and times of famous medication ruler Pablo Escobar was closed around the police on Thursday, as the administrators didn’t have a substantial permit to run it.

It was initially a house which Escobar possessed, and was later transformed into an exhibition hall. At the season of the assault on Wednesday, seven guests were inside. The museum was overseen by Escobar’s sibling Roberto, and was one of the features of ‘narco visits’.

In these questionable visits, guests were taken to places which were associated with Escobar, including his tomb, the jail he worked for himself, and his home which his adversaries shelled. The outings were lawful, the exhibition hall wasn’t. Subsequently, white signs illuminating about its conclusion were stuck.

Strikingly, Medellin Mayor Federico Gutierrez is a┬ástaunch critic of such visits and trusts they advanced ‘mafia culture’.He said we should recount accounts of medication trafficking casualties “as opposed to depicting individuals who did as such much harm as legends.”Earlier, he communicated discontent on TV arrangement Narcos whose heroes were notorious medication rulers of the nation. He called for changing the nation’s urban culture.

While being entertained by the power he practiced isn’t extraordinary, it shouldn’t be overlooked Escobar was a murderer. Reportedly, he was in charge of the passings of 4,000 individuals including judges, policemen, reporters and even Presidential competitors.


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