Indian Daughter Astha Sarmah Confronts Donald Trump Over “”Global Warming Mockery”


An Indian daughter from Assam has confronted US President Donald Trump over tweeting jokes about global warming. Trump tweeted, “On November 21 in Washington, going down to minus two degrees below the temperature,” will break all the brutal and extended cold records, what has happened with global warming? In response, the 18-year-old Aarthi of Jorhat of Assam commented, “I am 54 years younger than you”

‘I have just passed 10th with average marks. I can tell you that weather is not climate. If you need help understanding this, then I can give you my encyclopedia which I had during the second class. There are a lot of images and everything in it. ‘ This comment from Sarmah has received 22,000 likes from around the world and Twitter users from the US have appreciated this young girl for her tweet to the US President.


This tweet of the teenager was re-tweeted 5100 times and many admired the faith by calling it the ‘hope of the future’. Some people have also offered an internship to Sarmah to study the effects of climate change on the Arabian Sea.

This lady really confronted the loose cannon US President Donald Trump and silenced up from replying in a rude and illogical manner as he might have realised that he is “totally wrong”. Remember neitzens that he is the only world leader to move out of the Paris resolution on “climate change”. May God give common sense to Mr Trump via this smart and truthful girl’s reminder.



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