Jeep Compass Black Night Edition launch India in Diwali 2018


Jeep, the american car manufacturer has marked its footprints in the Indian Market. It has introduced various SUV models in India. Among all the variants, Jeep compass is the most relished brand. Since its launch in 2017, they have managed to sell more than 25,000 units of Jeep Compass. The growth is promising indeed. However, sales growth depends on several factors. Now, in India, the factors are mainly the purchasing power and effective communications.

The ability and desire of Indians to own an off-road vehicle that has a sturdy yet stylish look has also reached its peak. Other features involve comfortable ride and good fuel economy. But, that’s not enough. The American automaker is also targeting to achieve a name in the Indian market. The drive for serving the off-road segment and make impact on the road is the prime focus. Hence, they are innovating every moment. They are also trying to customize the launched vehicles to enhance customer satifaction. One great example in the context is the black night edition of the Jeep Compass.
Jeep Compass black night edition is on the roll

But this time, Jeep is more focussed in blending with the culture. This Diwali will see the enhanced and limited Jeep variant. Many consider this as a sales gimmick to boost further sales.

The company genuinely feels that the limited edition of Jeep Compass will delight the customers and light a lamp in the premium segment. The experts expects it will be pretty much similar to the Night Eagle edition of Compass. The night eagle edition of Jeep Compass made an impact Brazil. Considering the model reviews, experts also estimates that black pack will sell like hot cakes. Furthermore, the Black night edition will be available for a limited stock.

Expected Features of the Jeep Compass: Black Night Edition

Jeep happen to be people’s automaker. They figured out the needs of their premium customers. This led to the new Compass which is much better, trimmed and enhanced version of the present variant. But, they also kept in mind the basics.

So, how did they do it? They have enhaned the aesthetics of the present SUV to a much better appeal. They also have retained the sporty look with minor adjustments in the interiors.The black pack also has enhanced exteriors

  • Metallic Carbon Black and Shadow black are the two available color options. The car also has glossy black finish on 18″ alloy wheels. The wing mirrors are also black in color.
  • Jeep has maintained the same interiors layout. It kept the same template cabin like the signature variants. But, it has the new classy black theme. Unlike the dual tone off white, the black panels add a hint of sophistication. Moreover, the steering wheel, instrument cluster, center console, and the door pads are made black.
  • The black pack edition has similar technical specifications in line with the standard variant. The Jeep Compass black night edition has 2.0 liter, four-cylinder, multi-jet diesel which powers the vehicle.The engine is capable of imparting 173 bhp and 80 Nm peak torque.
  • The black night edition will have a new and improved infotainment center. The exteriors are also dazzling. The black pack will also have a sunroof.
Advanced interiors and central console

Thus, the Jeep Compass black night is the SUV which is value for money. These features add to the pros of the variant. In addition to the features, Diwali is the perfect time to introduce the vehicle. It will surely boost the sales during this festive season.

What is in the pipeline?

Jeep has begun its venture and it looks quite alluring. The American manufacturer also believes their Trailhawk 4×4 edition is perfect for India. The Trailhawk edition has a nine-speed automatic transmission in the international markets. But, what India will get is still unclear. A little more wait will reveal what features will be incorporated in the Indian version.

Jeep Compass Black Night Edition launch India in Diwali 2018
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Jeep Compass Black Night Edition launch India in Diwali 2018
Jeep Compass black night edition is all set to launch in India this Diwali. Explore to know more about the features of the premium segment SUV variant
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