Man Dares To Pay McDonald’s With Cannabis Later Gets Arrested


Florida police as of late captured a man who dared to pay for his McDonald’s supper with a sack of cannabis.

As per reports, the 23-year-elderly person made a request at a McDonald’s drive-through in Port St. Lucie and after that had a go at paying for it with a sack of cannabis.

The McDonald’s worker, working at the counter, declined to acknowledge the sack of cannabis and Andrew Gallagher left the drive-through. In any case, he returned following a couple of minutes and again endeavoured to exchange the pack of pot for a dinner.

Andrew was captured by the police on Sunday on charges of ownership of weed and driving impaired.

On 12/16/18 at around 2:00 am, PSLPD was called to the McDonald’s situated in the 3100 square of SW PSL Blvd. The McDonald’s worker told police that a man in a Pontiac 4dr drove through the drive-through of the McDonald’s daring to trade a baggie of Marijuana for nourishment. The McDonald’s specialist won’t and the vehicle drove off,” Port St. Lucie Police Department composed on Facebook.

The cops were advised by the McDonald’s laborer who rejected the exchange.

“PSLPD officer reached the suspect and saw a substantial smell of Marijuana discharging from the vehicle. Police found roughly 11 grams of Marijuana on the suspect. The suspect told police that he offered Marijuana in return for sustenance however that he did as such as a joke,” the Police composed on Facebook.


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